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Get cracking Telltale!

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Like every other TWAU fan I'm pretty pissed about this delay for yet another stupid zombie game - please let that asinine meme die already! - Wolf was, much like the Love Boat, exciting and new. And then you drop like a hot potato for more Walking Dead crap...AFTER you've taken our money. If you're not going to get this out in a reasonable amount of time then at least offer us refunds. I for one will never pre-pay for one your episodic games again.

A rather pissed off customer


  • So youre expecting they will just release Ep2, becouse of this new disscusion and for telling them how bad their other games are in your opinion? Iteresting |
    btw: Just a small detail - they didnt "take" (or stole) your money, you gave it them. Blame yourself, if you regret it. TWOU is great game and is worth any waiting, just like TWD.

  • All I know is that Episode 2 better be damn good!

  • I guess it must be nice for Telltale to see how desperate some people are for the next episode! You have to understand that all 5 episodes aren't finished when the first part comes out and then take into consideration the decent amount of platforms and other games Telltale are also making. I know it sucks that its been 3 months but if that means a better product in the end then I dont mind waiting. (too much...)

    I buy them episode by episode for this reason, yeah it cost more in the long run but its no big deal when theres months apart anyway.

  • I can't help but imagine the Telltale staff working overtime on two active projects and designing two more (one of which is a major juggernaut).

    The programmers are putting in extra hours coding, sustained only by Mountain Dew and pure desperation to reach the endgame before they lose the fans' loyalties. The animators' and modelers' eyes are bloodshot from sleepless nights, which only makes their job more difficult because of mistakes they make wherein Bigby's head is turned 180* upside down. The writers, however, are just kicking their feet up, glad their work is done and the drones get to pick up the slack from here.

    But the PR guys have to have it the worst. They have to keep us pleased, and it's getting harder and harder, like the guys at the strip bar in Episode 2.

  • You should not call The Walking Dead stupid, considering its fanbase is larger than TWAU, and the minority opinion is usually regarded as the incorrect opinion, plus because it is a good well made game like TWAU and neither of them should be insulted, in my opinion.

    This is how these Telltale games work. You wait for the episodes to come out. You play them. Sometimes there's a waiting period of a couple months or more. Usually it's shorter, but Telltale has a lot to work with right now.

  • How can people call The Walking Dead yet an other zombie game? All the fucking zombie games we have atm are based ON THE WALKING DEAD!

    • No..just NO. Dead Rising was out before this, Dead Island was,these may or may not be as good, and have you seen the other Walking Dead video game(the AMC licensed version),ugh, kinda sucked.
      That said Telltale's is alot of fun, but to call it the "standard", meh.
      Also, if what you're saying WAS true, every zombie game now would be in choose your own adventure style.:-) Closest="Last of Us", but still no. Night of the Living Dead propably inspired games like Left 4 Dead(which came out before the walking dead show even did) more than anything. Just a notation to your comment.."-"

  • I like both but I really need to play that next episode these games are worse than a badass series on tv and I am digging the story on this one

  • Dear ranting person,
    If you want to keep playing wolf among us there are a few things you must know. First off it's not the walking deads fault because there also working in two other games. Second realize that TTG doesn't usually stick to one game at once and make it until the end without starting another game, if for any reason you are unable to handle this I recommend playing a game that doesn't come out in five bits. The walking dead fans have been waiting 13 months to play season 2 and twau waited about 2 months (I understand it's not a fair comparison since only the first part of wolf is out). I recommend you don't bash other games made by telltale. It really makes you look immature and honestly just uncool.
    A wolf among us fan

    • This was not just a RANDOM rant, read the comment above it that was being RESPONDED or REPLIED to, to geta grasp on this "rant"!!
      I guess you might be responding to the original poster, in that case you should say thats what you're doing, because just making a comment can be confusing to others in a conversation above you, futture=point out who you're speaking to.:-) sry.

  • if it wasn't for The Walking Dead game I probably wouldn't even of cared or tried TWAU so glad they did that or I would of missed out on a great game I hate waiting too but it just makes it more awesome when it finally gets here plus I am looking forward to their Borderlands game and Game Of Thrones Game they can have my money lol

  • I read everyone's posts. I am upset about episode 2 not being out yet also. I paid good money for this game. Part of owing a business is keeping your customers happy. I can understand a month or two between episodes. However to tell us that after the holidays we will just get another update on how long it will be is no good. We should have episode 2 right after the holidays not just an update.

    • I'd rather wait than have something rushed...

      I assumed it will be in January don't know


      • If the amount of debate on this topic makes something clear, it's that customers have wildly varying expectations of what their season pass purchase entails. Quite fairly, because the language is indeed vague. On Steam, you can currently pay $24.99 for a season of content. It continues, "(Episode 1 Available Now, Episodes 2-5 will be released periodically until Summer 2014)"

        I don't have any special insight into how Telltale could improve their episodic release rate, nor whether they should. But I do believe that they can improve the description of their offering to make it clear what is actually being purchased. While I appreciate the inclusion of a release timeline in my season pass purchase, it is unclear whether it is a term of the contract they're offering or an estimate, prone to delays.

        While complaints about game delays are totally harmless and a longstanding internet tradition, complaints about feeling cheated by the terms of the season pass should be addressed quickly and with a modicum of empathy. We have a working solution for delayed pre-order resolution, namely that retailers will refund pre-orders any time before fulfillment. But Telltale's episodic offerings offer no such path to resolution. What does it mean to demand a refund on a partially-fulfilled digital purchase? Should marketplaces be expected to hold season pass revenue in escrow on behalf of publishers, as with pre-orders? These and many more questions will be decided in the near future, and we should try to remember that this isn't business as usual, that these are new and untested legal questions that have gone unanswered simply due to the past obscurity of the season pass model.

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