• I honestly don't know. I do remember hearing a gunshot and what sounded like her screaming but not entirely sure. She could be the one that Clem says "I thought you were dead"

    • Clem never sees her actually die, and she asks the guy near the end what happened to her -- so she probably thinks Christa is alive, or is at least is holding out hope for it. It wouldn't make sense for her to say "I thought you were dead" when she actually has no idea what happened to Christa. "You're alive!" would be a much more reasonable thing to say.

      Either way, I'm sure we'll see her again. Even if she's dead, she's too major of a character for us to not at least stumble across her corpse/walkerfied form at some point.

    • I think the only person Clem could be referring to being dead is either Lilly or by a long shot one of Vernon's member who we saw in 400 Days
      OR, one of the brothers from the dairy farm ..

  • She will be back at some point, in some capacity. I don't necessarily think its gonna be her in the "I thought you were dead" reveal. If you don't "save her" then she gets a stab to the back of the leg with a big old spear. I don't think she Is dead but not going to be in real good shape either way when she comes back.

  • She's gonna come back, it would be dumb if she doesn't

  • hopefully she's still alive,maybe a bit wounded based on the last voice we heard from her

  • If you dont save her she really should be dead she's stabbed and you still hear the shot plus she's against two people

    If you distract them maybe, the pain grunt could be someone else

    • I heard Christa make a noise then I heard falling over and then a gunshot, which to me means that she may have been killed. But obviously noone is 100% sure. (when I distracted the bandits)

  • Im hoping that Christa comes back. I dont want her to die like this.

  • Rather off topic, but seriously the grammar on this forum is killing me.

  • I think that she is captured and we will see her again either at the end of episode 2 or in episode 3. We may have to make another choice save Christa or a cabin survivor, if thats the case then I will say sorry to the unlucky cabin survivor in advance.

  • I believe she's alive. If you distracted the bandits or chose to sneak away will play a big role in how the reunion of Clem and Christa will go down I think.

    • I actually don't think it will matter because if you sneak away Christa yells to you to run. I think they both support each other wither way. I hope we see her again. Its frustrating to see her fate go unknown and telltale not "explore" it.

    • Considering that 90% of players tried to save Christa I don't think Telltale will bother.

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