• I know,right? most people here assume clem as a weak innocent child that needs to be nurtured for the rest of her life,I can see their resemblance as carlos

  • I've found most people who complain about the writing seem to want bland, cookie cutter and predictable plots. Others just don't actually understand good writing. Example, people complaining about the 16 month jump and no christa baby news. Well, Its pretty darn obvious that it will be explored later as a recollection of what happened. Like the table conversation with Luke about Lee. The events of what happened will be made knows to the viewer later. Clem already knows what happens. It's good writing you will see.

    • Good points, It just goes to show. People criticize things too much instead of just enjoying the episode. People would rather complain about it.

    • Yeah, I mean there's 4 more episodes right, just have patience, I mean, it's suspense after all.

    • I want to explain basic plot construction to the people who complain about no news of Christa's baby.

      Y'know why writers sometimes do that, guys? Because it intentionally builds the suspense. It puts the question in the heads of your audience without providing an answer, puts everyone on the edge of their seats to find out, so that when the answer eventually does come it hits that much harder.

      Its like pissing on the writing of Season 1 for not showing a detailed flashback of Lee killing the senator in the first episode.

      • It kind of bugs me that some people have to be told everything and cant seem to put two and two together. If the baby is not with Christa than it more than likely died and that contributed to her embittered and sad attitude. It's like when Mark showed up in episode 2 of the first season and people were mad because we didnt get a whole scene showing him joining the group. I thought it was more than adequately explained in the dialogue how he got there.

    • Yeah. Seeing Christa without a baby after 18 months caught me off a tad at first, but I quickly just assumed she "mercy-killed" him/her when he/she was born, as he/she had no father to love him/her or take care of him/her (sad, I know :( ), and I quickly got on with it.

  • I completely agree with this thread. The attitude in this forum is so negative about season 2 it's sickening. It makes me feel like they did not play the episode before looking at spoilers, because I played it blind and came to the forum after wondering if we'd even played the same game. Let's be positive people! (:

  • " i can't talk to the group like i could in season one"

    well there was never a real moment to talk to the group on your own. you know they were to busy being afraid you were a walker.

    Pete: ok guys before we trow her in the shed. lets stand around and explain our back stories to her even thoe she s a threat.

    • That actually is a legitimate complaint and one I hope they address in Episode 2. And there was a perfect opportunity to talk to the group on your own: just before Clem, Pete and Nick headed down to the river to fish, near the very end of the episode. They should have had a sequence in which Clem was allowed to walk around the house that morning, see what everyone was doing, and basically get to know people a bit better before they went fishing, in the same way Lee was allowed to walk around chatting to everyone before distributing food in Episode 2.

      • I can see how a a lot of the first episode's pacing wouldn't allow for it, but that is a good point.

        I'm glad that Nick and Pete both had some interactions before the final choice, but I hope that there's a break in the tension at the start of next episode for more of a chance to explore the other characters.

      • I dont know. I dont necessarily feel like we needed that in the first episode. I feel like when Clem gets more comfortable with the group, and considering what they did to her, I can imagine her not wanting to chat it up with everyone, we'll see more of that kind of interaction going forward.

      • Agreed; I would have liked to see something like this too. We actually do get to talk to most of the people in the house, but taking it out of the player's control and having them show up at the table in a predetermined order contributes to the quick feeling of the episode. Would have been cool if you could choose how to spend the morning and have the choice possibly have future effects (do you try to befriend a member of the household? Volunteer to help with chores in hope of ingratiating yourself? Snoop around some more and try to get more blackmail material on Rebecca?)

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    I also thought this was a brilliant episode, most of the negativity on this forum is mainly petty stuff. But i do wish there was a little more time to have the random conversations with the characters like in the pharmacy in season 1.

  • The writing wasn't perfect, but then nothing is especially not season 1 which people are comparing it too when saying tis bad.

    I thought the writing was really good actually

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      I think most people are comparing 1 episode of season 2 to all the episodes of season 1 which i don't think is fair, they should at least wait for all the episodes to come out before making a comparison.

      For S2 Episode 1 Telltale needed to make sure that new players who might have only purchased season 2 learn some back story and the game mechanics, Hopefully we get more of a story in the next episodes and see where the game is heading in terms of what the ultimate goal will be and the possibilities of further seasons depending on how the game ends.

  • Most negative reviews revolve around Clementine being too "Carl" - meaning the way she handles things are way too much for a 10 yr old. In my opinion, I don't think so. Clementine is a smart girl and she can quickly adapt to almost anything. She doesn't need to be nurtured 24/7 anymore, this episode shows you that. People over exaggerate too much on her being able to take on multiple Walkers and people. I played Season 2 - Episode 1 numerous of times and what she did was like any other normal trained kids would do. Maybe the negative reviewers needs to be taught a lesson by placing them in the woods for 3 days so they can realize what you must do to survive.

    I personally think they're mostly blinded by the fact that not long ago, Clem was an 8-9 yr old innocent child being taken care of by an adult.

    • Well, she's 11 now. I think her changes in character have been appropriate considering how much time she's spent in the world, almost two years and the things she learned from Lee, Christa and Omid. I feel like some people just want her to stay this innocent girl that they took care of in season 1 instead of letting Clem learn to take care of herself. I totally agree with you that she didnt do anything anyone else wouldnt have done who was fighting for their life. She mostly used her legs to kick and push away from her and spent a lot of time running and hiding. Thats not superhuman behavior.

  • I think writing is good. Also 16 months time jump doesn't matter for me. Story is still very good.

  • Complaining is allowed obviously, but I think the best thing about all of the complaining is that people were desperately wanting the game to be released and wanted a release date. When it does get released? People complain.

    It's the same situation for absolutely every game really. :) I just find it all amusing.

    Everywhere else I look, for example the let's plays and Steam, people seem to be happy with the game by and large (which surprises me not because I think the game's poor, but rather that people normally complain everywhere). I'm surprised the critics didn't give better reviews though.

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