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The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season for Android on Amazon isn't compatible with anything

posted by CalvinMartyKlein on - last edited - Viewed by 10.8K users

I would love to play this, but I can't download it on any of my devices.

It says Minimum Operating System: Android 3.1

Incompatible with a Kindle Fire HD 7", Acer Iconia A200, HTC One V, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 LTE, or Galaxy Note 2.

I think maybe there is something wrong with the compatibility checker on Amazon.

  • Is it compatible with any devices? Which devices work?

  • Not compatible with my Kindle Fire (regular and the one I put proper Android on) or the generic A13-Mid tablet I bought while drunk.

    Edit: I've really been looking forward to this on Android. My iPhone (a 3g) is so old it wont run the game and my iPod Touch that will, well the screen is so small that it's near unplayable.

    So being able to play on a bigger screen on the go or in my lunch hour was going to be brilliant.

  • It's compatible with the Kindle Fire HDX.

  • It looks like Amazon updated the title to Kindle Fire HDX version. Well, that sucks for me. I was hoping to play it.

    Hope it becomes available for other Android devices on Amazon or Google Play.

    • Same here. I was looking forward to playing this on my original Kindle Fire.

      I can't imagine why they think it isn't possible. The sad thing is that when this eventually leaks to the internet, as you know these things are bound to do, people will be playing on a wider range of devices than 'officially' supported.

      Why artificially block paying customers from playing in order to push an expensive Amazon device.

  • Game working in all devices with Adreno 320, for another gpus need to use GLTools

  • help me huawei ascend y300 not install how too install sd card i m sorry bad english

  • It now works with the original Kindle Fire HD!


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