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Walking Dead season 2 Download does not start (MAC)

posted by ckchan198907 on - Viewed by 538 users

Hi Telltale support team,

After eagerly awaiting for TWD season 2 game to come out, purchased it and then clicked on the download link to start playing.. i cannot believe i already face with yet another telltale technical issue. The link provided from my user account to download season 2 does not work. I click on it and the download starts but it never progresses. I have spent the past hour restarting my computer, scouring the internet for solutions, redownloading multiple times with no result.

Can you please look into this and apply a fix asap. I was really hoping that TWD season 2 would be a seamless experience unlike season 1 which was plagued with download and in game issues.. this now seems to be just wishful thinking...

from a huge fan that just can't wait to start playing the game

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