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my order

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i ordered a dvd and sth softcover on june 15 and i havent got it yet.i know i live in canada,but its been almost a month and im kinda peeved,i dont think i got a shipping confirmation either.
i love your work ,telltale guys
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    All Sam & Max merchandise is stopped at the Canadian border after the events of Bright Side of the Moon.

    That was a lame thing to say, sorry.

    If you wouldn't mind, write to [email][/email] and someone will get you your shipping status as soon as they can!
  • The animated series DVD was backordered for a much longer time than we expected (the DVDs got lost in the mail on their way to the warehouse!), but they arrived today and it also looks like your order shipped today. I'll send you a PM with your tracking number.
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