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Im surprised how a lot of people picked Nick insted of Pete because.....

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I mean that they BOTH said to go to Pete. Nick said: "Go to him,ill cover you" and Pete said: "get your asses here both of you" so OBVIOUSLY you go to Pete. I know he WILL PROBABLY die but either way Nick will be mad at you. If you go to Pete everyone stays alive. Its a win win. Please discuss your details here!

  • Although has anyone by curiousity done nothing in the time of choosing or let the time run out!

  • I picked Pete because he was the most in need and the first nice character we met. He saved us from walkers and trusts us completely about the dog bite so I felt I owed him. He also mentions having a cousin who lived from amputating a walker bite. Now in my game, Lee kept his arm so Clem wouldn't know any different but also, whose to say the reason Lee doesn't live (if he amputates his arm) is because he doesn't do it soon enough? Ofcourse I suspect Pete will die and that like in season 1, were just delaying their death but I like Pete, so I'll take that chance.

  • Honestly i just saw zombies and didnt hear either of them. I thought that if I went for Pete Nick would die and Pete didnt want nick to die I'm certain, plus Pete was bitten

  • I went with Pete. I'm surprised how many people didn't actually pay attention to the situation. As you mentioned, Nick had the best chance of survival without help, so the best chance of saving both of them was going for Pete. The bite can figure into the decision of course, but I have seen people on here actually complain that Nick possibly survives if you save Pete as if everything should be that black and white all the time.

    • Everything just happened so Fast. I had to make a decision

    • Agreed. Uncle Pete doesn't deserve to die, he earned my respect for not being a dick when he saw Clem's dog bite. He does mention that amputation worked for his cousin, so obviously it could work for him too. So yeah Uncle Pete all the way

  • I thought it was a Carly/ Doug situation. But so it appears that if you chose Pete, Nick AND Pete survive. Either way i trust the guy that helps me no the guy that almost shot my foot off!

  • I picked pete because he is older, has more life experience and wisdom. And i didnt accept Nick's apology, so thats a reason to pick pete too

  • Did anyone try not to pick helping anyone?

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