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The most plausible Kenny theory

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I've seen a lot of "Kenny is alive and in episode 2" posts, but nobody has explained HOW. How would he get to North Carolina? Why would he go to North Carolina? Well, I thought about it for awhile, and after I figured it out, I was amazed nobody has thought of it. If you look at the Amid the ruins slide some people have Vince in the background, while others don't. This leads me to believe at some point we meet up with the 400 days characters who went with Taivia. Now you're probably wondering, why would the 400 days characters be in North Carolina with Clementine? Well, in the epilouge Taivia says that the settlement she's recruiting for is up north. Up north from where they were would be.... You guessed it, North Carolina. Now, Taivia also said she was scouting the area for survivors to bring back with her. So here's what I think happened: Kenny somehow survives (miraculously) the events of episode five and escapes the city. Now, is it really that unbelievable, that Kenny and Taivia ran into each other? Savannah and the gas station seem to be at least in the same area of each other (if someone could find this out for me that'd be great) So when they run into each other, Taivia nAturally asks him to come with her to the growing settlement up north. Kenny, with no where else to go accepts. And that's how clementine and Kenny would meet each other in North Carolina, and still make sense. I wholeheartedly believe she meets Kenny in the next episode because telltale said they will explore his fate. Now, unless his dead corpse somehow was smart enough to escape the building he was trapped in or leave the alleyway, and wander all the way to North Carolina, into the exact spot Clementine is at, then I'm guessing he's still alive, as that is the only logical way to explore his fate.

  • Amazing theory my friend! But tell me this: If Kenny went with Tavia what about Vince? In MY playthrought VINCE stayed at the camp BUT EDDIE appears in the "Amid the Ruins" slide FOR ME! That only means that according to your decisions then Eddie or Vince appears ALSO it appears that IF you leave WYATT outside while dragging the bodie (it is actually possible, look at a youtube video) then in some slides, WYATT appears in the slide!!!!! I think we are getting somewhere my friends!

  • What if he survived Savannah, but was killed later on after escaping the city? Like maybe he had a run in with Carver's gang that ended with him getting a bullet in the head, and we see his body along the way to the mountains? Personally, I'd LOVE to see Kenny alive, and I like your theory, but I just feel I need to point out another possibility, because at this point, anything could have happened to him. Here's hoping he DID make it out, though.

  • There is no more reason for Kenny to have met up with Tavia than there was for Omid, Christa, Molly and Lilly to meet her as well.

  • Well yeah. I mean the Kenny going north i just dont buy. But anything can happen. There are two possiblities Kenny went up north:
    1)He survived and met with Tavia
    2)He survived and met a gang of bandits that plan on taking over there cabin and thats why in the preview, they head to the mountains

  • Surely the most 'plausible' theory is that he died, since plausible means most believable and it is more likely that people would die in his situation than survive?

    Use better words. Perhaps, the most 'plausible way of explaining his inevitably convoluted reappearance' would be better.

  • You over think things. Telltale would never create such a random story especially without telling us. It is much more realistic and plausible that Lily drove up and met with Tavias group or whom ever Clem is talking to. Even though we are both speculating I really think you are thinking way to hard for this.

  • For all we know, Kenny might not even appear in season 2 at all and someone just tells Clem that they saw a man with a beautiful mustache shoot a kid in the head (Ben) and got eaten short after(Kenny). I do wish Kenny was in Season 2 though... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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