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So the guy Clem fought in the beginning...

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I was watching a let's play of ep 201 and I noticed something. The man "attacking" Clementine, the one who was part of the group holding Christa at gun point? He helps save Clem from a walker. Specifically, the one that grabs Clem just after she pushed this same man into another. It grabs her through a tree and you have to press the action button to fight it off? I didn't succeed that QTE prompt (I don't know if you actually can), but I still pulled away from the zombie, ripping its arm off. Next frame you see the guy behind Clem falling back with her, as if he'd been pulling on Clem.

I think the reason you survive that prompt is b/c he yanks her away from the zombie. You just can't see him till the frame after b/c of camera angles.

Additionally, watching a let's play and actually listening to what he's saying, instead of being in blind fight or flight mode like I was when I played, his dialogue doesn't make me think he wants to hurt her, just catch her. And Clem obviously isn't cooperating. Add walkers showing up and it made the incident go haywire.

Could it be these guys were part of the same group Tavia from 400 days is? Or at least weren't necessarily bad people, just (rightly?) cautious, hence the gunpoint holdup of Christa as they questioned her? Maybe the gunshot we heard was them shooting a walker.

Did Clem wind up getting a good intentioned man killed by zombies?

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