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Will Clem die at the end?

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Lee died at the end. Do you think in last espoide, that Clem will die, someone else will take her place. We didn't know Lee was going die, till the last one. Is it possible, they kill her and start fresh for season 3

  • Only if the same writer of Episode 4 comes back...

  • if she died,what's the next season character would be? a military deserter vigilante/bandit?

  • I think she will die purely because they likely know they need to "beat" the emotional punch of Season 1's finale. It's inevitable that comparisons are going to be drawn to how the finale/whole season compared and a huge part of Season 1's hype/praise came from its ending. It's like that the only way to top it is to eliminate the one person people cared for more than Lee; Clem.

    It's also suitably dark.

  • I don't understand why so many people thinking the same thing. I don't think Clementine will die. Lee's death served a purpose, his role was to act as a guardian for Clementine, allow her to develop necessary skills and strength to become a survivor. Without Lee, Clem would probably never be able to leave that tree house, starve to death and her story would just end there, just like many others in apocalyptic world. Remember the zombie child in the attic (Ep 4)? Clementine too would most likely end up like him, if Lee didn't find her. That was Lee's role. If he was still alive, Clementine would be always depended on him (at least for several years longer). She'd have to trust his decisions and actions and thus Lee would remain as the protagonist and this would all remain as his story. But he played his part and now Clementine's can begin. So I believe Season 1 was kinda an origin story for Clementine and her story will go on for much longer.

  • No, if I had to bet anything, I would say that Clementine is not going to die.

  • I do not think Clem will die. I think she will continue to be the protagonist for the next couple seasons until he grows into a young woman. If we do change protagonists it will be someone we meet this season. Someone who needs Clem to teach them how to survive

  • Killing off her character would feel so weak to do. In season 1 with Lee dying and knowing the friendship between him and Clem, it was really emotional
    To kill off Clem at any point would feel a bit pointless in some way. Right now I feel that Season 2 is all about the survival and whether you're gonna grow Clem into a strong lone survivor or someone who cares and does her best to help the people around her and the emotion would come from choices/links from Season 1 and how they affect friends like Christa (If she makes her way back) or other known people from 400 days or something

  • theres allready a spoiler for the last episode of season 2 in season 1 episode 3 the part where clementine is momentary shown as a zombie

  • i highly doubt telltale will reenact Lee's death or make it the same. sad but the same.

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