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Whos the leader?

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Who's the leader in the group?

I don't think it's Alvin or Rebecca or Sarah, but I don't think it's openly stated who the leader is.

It could be Luke, as Clem does say something like "you're the leader here right?" if you try to beg Luke or something like that.

It could be Carlos, as it seems he has a big hand in the decisions.

It could be Nick, as he's the one with the gun mostly, but he seems like a dumbass.

Could be Pete, as Luke calls him "Sir."

I originally thought it was Carlos, but then I heard the dialogue you can say to Luke, and now I'm just confused :P

  • Alvin. So bold and brave, it's just pretty obvious.

  • I think that there isn't a leader. In small groups, if you have a daily meeting to the group discuss on improvements, problems, etc. , the group automatically manages itself. But in gigantic groups, like 10-20 people or perhaps an entire city, like Woodbury, a leader is tottaly necessary.

  • True, it's hard to really say who is the leader of the group

    • Luke feels like he is a little too young (almost within the "older brother" age to Clem?)
    • Carlos has a lot of say because he's a "doctor".
    • Nick is, like you said, too dumb to be the leader
    • Pete feels like the leader but that could be because he's the oldest
    • Alvin is too much of a pushover
    • Rebecca is pregnant
    • Sarah is a kid

    Could be they're a "democracy" and as such that could be the reason the group is divided in Episode 2.

  • I think it's pete,but he doesn't really have a lot of authority

  • It's a "democracy".

  • You may say it;s a "democracy" but at the end of the day, Pete or Carlos are calling the shots.

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