• Wait, you say Kenny's your favorite, but you want him to die for Clem? I mean, I like him too, and I'd personally love to see him LIVE, but, you know, whatever...

  • There are already 50 threads like this. No need for another.

    However, I will say this: stating that your opinions are the 'blatant truth' is 'blatantly' self-centered and ridiculous.

  • I don't want him to die for her, but I'd love for him to go out saving her. But, I just want the haters to get lost and stop bashing us Kenny lovers

  • (and, fyi, most Kenny lovers on this forum DO seem to bash Lilly a lot. But anyway.)

  • New favorite thread! :) . Unless somebody tells clemintine Kenny defently died, then he has to be alive! He would have decomposed to much in 16 months to be recognizable dead. kenny and lee bros for life

  • And I hope it's not Lily, she didn't do shit for the group- Kenny at least was a help, she murdered someone and fucked off.

  • Almost every thread on this forum is a Kenny appreciation thread. I don't not like Kenny, I would like to see him back but at the same time that would be the first thing telltale has done that is completely unrealistic.

  • It's threads like this that make people bash all you self confessed Kenny lovers. Present your opinion in an intelligent and mature way, and quit talking about it over and over and over again, and people might not make fun of you all so much. I kind of liked Kenny, but for fuck sakes this over the top love for the guy is a little much. And the over the top haters are just as bad. In my opinion Larry and the St. Johns were the only truly shitty people in season one. Everyone else were just survivors trying to get by.

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