Could Carver be a woman?

I didn't notice any of the characters in the episode referring to Carver as a "he" or "she" (although if someone else on the forum did, feel free to point it out to me). The guy with the binoculars from the episode 2 slide seems to be widely accepted as Carver, including his page on the Walking Dead wiki:

But I don't think this has been officially confirmed yet. The binoculars guy could just as easily be one of Carver's henchmen than Carver himself.

So...could Carver possibly be a woman? Here's another idea: What if Carver is Lily? We never learned her last name in season 1, and considering how increasingly unhinged she was throughout LONG ROAD AHEAD, it wouldn't be a stretch for her to become something truly monstrous in the time between LONG ROAD and HOUSE DIVIDED. She'd also be a lot more convincing as a leader of a hardcore survivor group than Kenny, who's really too much of a hothead to be capable of keeping a whole gang of psychotic thugs in check.


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