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Why Do You Judge so Quickly?

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Ok honestly people why are you judging season 2 so quickly? I mean seriously the first episode everyone says "Omg this sucks so bad!" Like seriously? You haven't even gone to the second episode yet and your already saying that it sucks I mean come on! Why aren't you guys giving this game a chance, it could blow you away in the next episode for all we know.

P.S Sorry for this rant I needed to get it off my chest.

  • Well, some people are never happy.

  • It's honestly nothing new. Every time a game comes out the "hardcore" fans who have been on the hype train since day 1 are the first to yell out "DURR DIS GAIM SUX LOL". It happens. The funny thing is, that they're going to buy the second episode anyway.

  • If you don't like All That Remains say " I don't like all that remains" you could give all that remains 5/10 but if you gave all the next 4 8/10 it would be a good rating. Don't jump to conclusions just yet folks.

  • You can't please everybody. There will always be people who have complaints.

    • This. It's best to just tune it out, not saying those people don't deserve to be heard but it's just conflicting opinions and ultimately becomes a matter of "stop liking what I don't like".

  • But I do have the right to think this game is, for now, amazingly amazing... right?

    • rofl

      Yes. that is of course ok. Stating why you don't like the episode is not, because it is perfect and you have to accept that. lol ^^

  • Its not everyone, just a few.

  • I don't know...

    I clearly remember my enthusiasm during first episode of season 1, how passionate I was in my interactions with other characters, it seemed that everything mattered...
    When the "next time on the walking dead" screen appeared, I was all "ooooh shit already ?" I was so excited about this game and wanted to play second episode right now (which I did because I played it last summer).

    Exact same feelings about episode one of The Wolf Among Us.
    Both first episodes of these games had me hooked on the spot.

    This time...
    I can't exactly phrase what felt wrong or poor to me, but I didn't feel involved anywhere near as aforementioned games.
    To be honest, my first thought when the "next time on" screen appeared was "I hope it gets much much better... And when does episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us come out for fuck's sake"

    Perhaps I don't identify as much to Clementine as I did to Lee ?
    Or is it the lack of strong characters ? The absence of real strong motivations except surviving myself (and as Clementine I already know I am going to survive, and quite easily it seems since she looks very capable -a little too much if you as me-... As Lee I also cared for the survival of other characters from my group -first of all Clem, but also every other member- and I feared for their lives since they certainly could be killed)
    If only Clementine seemed strongly motivated about finding Christa, I would have felt with her, but since she seemed not to care that much, I began not caring too much as well.

    This episode is not exactly boring, but I'm only "curious" about what's going to happen in next episode when first episodes of TWD S1 and TWAU made me desperately want to know what followed.

    • I see your point, but I'm pretty certain that Telltale will get us to care more about the characters throughout the next episodes. We haven't seen much of the new characters yet, but we will soon and hopefully, that will satisfy all our expectations.

      • What worries and disappoints me is that last times they made me care about other characters already at first episode, and straight after meeting them.

        In TWD S1e1, the first seconds in the shop were full of tension and passion and within instants there were the ones I already strongly disliked and the ones I really wanted to befriend.
        This new group... If at the end of the episode when you have to chose between old timer and trigger-happy guy, there was a third option : "fuck these people and go find Christa on your own", I would have went for it immediately without second thoughts.

        That being said, I really hope you're right. ...but it doesn't look too good. Let's just hope for the best... In the meantime, I'm looking forward for TWAU episode 2, I know this one won't disappoint me.

  • I don't even understand what people are saying that they don't like Season 2 All That Remains. I thought it was a great episode. I judge the episodes on how gripping and emotionally tolling they are. In that sense this episode might be the best. I mean the dog scene, Omids death, Christas fate unknown, the new group, and obviously the trailer leading to episode 2. . . I am hooked

  • There are actually way more people that likes this episode than those who don't.
    It's just that the people who thinks it sucks got a reason that's beyond stupid. One reply from their argument can pretty much shut them up so basically, they're hating for no reason.

  • Because people are looking at this like it's Episode 6, not Episode 1 of Season 2... if that makes sense.

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