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To be true, the only reason i play "the walking dead" because of..

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To be true, the only reason i play "the walking dead" because of "Clementine" character. if she die in the end.. i will delete this game on the next second from ma computer. so telltale games please let Clem clem alive till the next seasons to come.

  • No ones safe telltale possibly will kill her off.

    • Perhaps, but Telltale would have to work extremely hard to not make it seem like a rip-off for last season.
      Episode 1 of this season was rough enough for me just because of what Clem was going through, I know it's going to get worse for her but I'm not looking forward to it.

  • Posts like these annoy me. It's like these "If Daryl dies, we will stop watching, so you better keep him alive!" comments on facebook. A pitiful attempt at blackmailing the studio behind the series to actually change their plans. Makes me only want to see Daryl die more and more, just to see them cry and still return every season to watch, despite their stupid threats about not doing so. And I don't even hate the character.

    So, please, cut the crap and enjoy the series. If you can't, then drop it, but don't come in here to try blackmailing the company into doing as you wish. Any company with self respect would not do it anyway, so in the end, the only thing you will achieve by doing this is wasting your time and everybody else's nerves.

    • So people can't get emotionally attached to characters? I think a fair few had an investment in Lee and "cared" for him, as well as Clem, it's not the killing of a favorite character that's the problem, it's the nature at which they are killed off. If Clem is killed at the end of Season 2 it's gonna seem like they're just copying off of season 1, It's not impossible to kill off a character and not have the fans, as you say "stop watching" or become disinterested, it's just very, very, difficult. Tt achieved this in S1 I just don't want them to have to stick to the same formula for telling stories.

    • He's got a point though. This whole game is about Lee and Clem (well s1, s2 only about Clem), killing Clem now would leave the game pointless don't you think?

      • I am not saying he doesn't have a point, but the way he expresses it is just wrong and annoying. He basically says: "Telltale, I am warning you! Do as I say or I will stop giving you money!". I can't take stuff like that serious and I am sure neither can Telltale.

        Besides, we don't know how season 2 will play out, yet. It might actually end with shifting the center of attention away from Clem and onto something new. I am not saying that it is likely or that I would like it, but heck, it could be possible. If Clem were to die, I am sure I would be at least as saddened as I was with Lee's death, but if it is executed well enough, I would accept it. I am not stubborn enough to say: "If Clem dies, I quit the game!"

  • the game is already planned and made. telltale won't listen to you. whats done is done...sorry

  • this is stupid.... how many people said they wouldn't play season 2 cause of Lee and guess what game they bought this month.

  • dat cool

    telltale keep rolling in da dough

    telltale don need ya

  • Clem will die. everyone does. i hope she dies in a very anti climatic finish, unlike lee, like a bullet through the noggin. im not saying i want her do die but....this new clementine........i dont like.

  • The more you tempt Telltale with these kinds of threads, the more I'm afraid they'll actually do it just to challenge how overconfident some of us are in thinking she's exempt (or deserves to be) from a terrible fate. Artists have a natural inclination to spit in the face of threats of backlash, and also tend to be frustrated by audience complacency. So let's not goad them or plant any seeds in their minds, k?

  • Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I feel the same, if Clem dies, I will not buy next season. I wouldn't be one of those people who buy it anyways. Clem IS the entire game. Without her it would never be the same.

    • usually writers realize this and come up with characters that are endearing and we end up following them and still continue watching/reading/playing

  • I would play the 3rd season if clem happened to die. They could do something cool, like make it take place somewhere else maybe a new country state or whatever. I mean I go from watching the show to playing the game so why not see what other survivors are doing in the game.
    I love twd. Not clem.

    • There is really no reason to kill her off except for maybe shock value. That's it, It would be a ripoff from season 1.

      • it depends on how they would handle it. What if you get sick from being in the cold in episode 2 and from there on out till episode 5 your just slowly dying coughing or whatever. just an idea, it would be different not saying it would be the best idea but its AN idea

        • Maybe have a player choice at the end of the season, does Clem sacrifice her own life to save others from walkers/bandits or does she run and save herself. I think it would be very interesting to see what people choose, just an idea.

          • right now the possibilities are endless and im sure ttg will handle it the right way.

          • @Berty213 as much as this idea pulls at my heartstrings, I can definitely see Telltale going with it (probably for that reason lol). Does Clem choose to follow in Lee's footsteps, sacrificing her life for another? Or abandon her friends to live another day? That would also address complaints from people who were mad they didn't have a choice in whether or not Lee dies.

            • ive noticed that there are parallels in lees e1 and clems e1.
              Like Rebecca is clems Larry as of now. Yeah shes a dick but she's protecting her child. sound familiar? Nick is Lilly Luke or Pete is carley. we even meet the group towards the end of episode 1 in both seasons because of a shitty situation where the groups not sure if they did the right thing or not.

              • @Pell3t Yes definitely, I noticed lots of parallels/callbacks to season 1, not just in characters but also situations & dialogue. Like stitching up Clem's left arm = cutting off Lee's left arm. Killing the walker in the abandoned campsite tied to the tree = Clem killing the jewelry store walker. Killing the shed walker with a hammer = killing Clem's babysitter with a hammer. Clem's "Please don't be bad" to the can = "Lee, you're not bad, are you?"

                Some of these are a stretch, I know, but they reminded me of stuff in the first season, whether Telltale did that consciously or not.

                • the tied up walker reminded me more of lee killing his trapped brother in macon. Also getting bit by the dog reminded me of Lee hurting his leg real bad in e1. I remember thinking when lee hurt his leg that somebodys gonna think im bit or a walker by the way im walking.

            • I'm honestly not sure what I would do, at the moment I would live another day, but I don't know the other characters that well yet so who knows. What would you do?

              • That's a really tough question, & I'm sure if Telltale goes with that, they will make the choice even harder. But if it comes down to it, I would probably have Clem sacrifice herself. It would be really tragic but it would make sense for my Clem to follow in Lee's footsteps. Lee had both failures and triumphs but in the end he was a hero. It would feel fitting for Clem's story to turn out similarly. It would also break my heart, but that's just another reason why I feel that would be my ending.

                • You're right, when it comes down to it my Clem would do the same but I don't know if I would have it in me to do it.

                  • Same. I would say I hope Telltale doesn't go that route but then if they don't, they'll probably come up with something even more tragic. Not sure how I feel about this now LOL

  • meh, you guys would come back if Clem dies.With it only being 5 buck an episode , you'll be tempted to try out the Clemless walking dead.
    After all, TT created Clem and made you love the character , who's to say they couldnt do it again with a new character .

    • Agreed on the whole "you'll come back" bit-- but there's no way they'd ever create a character better than clementine. I would still buy it because I enjoy telltale games. The same reason I can buy TWAU and enjoy it without her. But as far as telltale creating a character more genuine and innocent as clementine; I don't see it happening.

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