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Potential Evidence Christa is Alive?

posted by KieranTheBroski on - Viewed by 283 users

So, I watched the 18 ways to kill Clementine video and one thing caught my eye.

Winston is dragging Clem away and the bandit(the one we find at the water) tells Winston to "Forget about the girl, Just Finish Her!"

Now that could be Clem, probably does, but what if he's talking about Christa?

Now here's what I mean.

There were two bandits, and that one guy came and told Winston to shoot Clem, so what if the gun shot we heard was actually Christa shooting the other bandit and then getting away? It makes sense right? Cause you'd have thought that Victor & Ralph(the two bandits) would have stayed together, but Victor was the one that returned, so what if Christa shot Ralph and ran? That's my prediction. I still don't think Christa is the "I thought you were dead" person though, for that I think Kenny, but do you guys think this might be right? Heres the vid.


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