• This was the point of a lot of old threads but from what I gathered, it only happens if you reach a certain amount of clicks and it's left ambigious if he's turning or actually reviving, although considering how cpr works, I think people said it was more likely to be the former than the latter. I could be mistaken, though.

    Did anyone else get a somewhat amusing moment where the click occures just as Kenny drops the salt lick and Lee counts after Larry's head is crushed?

  • kenny is a killer, he made clem cry after that bloodshed kill

  • Who says he opened his mouth due to just about to be revived and not due to just about to be reanimated?

    What Larry did could've been the inching starts of walker movement/transformation. And larry could've literally been 3 seconds away from biting off Lee's and Lilly's faces with kenny having rescued them in the nick of time.

    • His skined never really changed colors though thats the thing with Larry

      • And yet he may have already been dead. In a ZA, taking chances like trying to revive Larry are, frankly, VERY dangerous. If they'd had guns, sure. If they'd had room to maneuver, sure. If they weren't locked in a room with armed cannibals ready to butcher them, why not. The circumstances just came together in the most horrible way possible that gave Kenny every reason to do what he did. If he was right or not, well, we'll never know.

  • If Clem wasn't in the room, I would have been perfectly fine with Larry dying..

    • I was kinda playing the same way, wanting to shield Clem from the worse stuff, but then I realized that's not doing her any good, I (Lee) killed Larry and both St John brothers and explained to Clem why.. It was the harsh truth that hopefully she understands and takes to heart that this is no longer a world of compassion and kindness. They (St.Johns) just kidnapped us, cut off Mark;'s legs, and were planning on killing/eating the rest of us. They were a real threat and just imagine leaving them alive, possibly to have one or both in a future episode that could have killed someone.

      As for Larry, I've already stated, he tried to murder Lee and following my survival style I decided at that moment, the first chance I got to remove Larry as a threat I would.

      I know to some I seem to be a bit harsh and quick to kill but in the world of a zombie apocalypse I would much rather be a living asshole than a dead nice guy!

      • Clem would probably find that kind of creepy though. Lee's living with this guy yet he's been conspiring to murder him. Sounds like Shane. Besides being some kind of living asshole usually results in no friends to back you up when you need it and a life of guilt and depression

        • I didnt say I would kill everyone and have no friends, just the person that tried to kill me first I would be concerned about.

          As for sounding like Shane, I like to group him in with the Governor or Oberson.. The thing is, they had the basic right Ideas. Like Shane insisting on killing the walkers in the barn, Gov created a safe small town as did Oberson.

          Where they also are similar is in they all went crazy. Shane with his jelousy, Gov with the heads and his walker daughter, Oberson killed people to make the walls. Those were over the top characters but they started by finding a way to survive and attempt to make a life.

  • he was either coming back or reanimating

  • How do we know that wasn't zombie Larry waking up?

  • I swear I hear him mumble Lee under his breath, and Kenny could of handled it better, just hold the salt lick over his head instead of just going ahead and killing him! He could of been patient and been ready to kill him in case he came back. But nonetheless amazing episode,.. xD

    • Agreed. How is it any different to other walkers? One walker versus three adults with plenty of salt licks. Arguably Lilly could be too shocked too help or defend walker Larry I suppose. Even so it was unnecessary

      • Yup, anyone should try best they can to save him but if that failed, Lee and Kenny could have handled walker Larry easily before he even got up.

      • Those salt licks are very very heavy and hard use. Can barely be used against a stationary lying on the ground person.

        And not only that, remember that guy who's leg you cut off, or the other wimp who mark accidentally shoots. they almost kill lee and need help being killed and they were weak as humans.

        Larry on the other hand knocked out both lee and optionally kenny with a single punch each.(and barely flinches from kenny's punch) if that's how powerful he was as human, then the moment he got up as a walker was the moment it'd become outright impossible to put him down as long as you don't have a gun,knife,axe,screwdriver,hammer or anything of the like. You don't throw a heavy ass salt like at a standing tall 6-foot tower like monster.

  • Larry was one tough bastard. I'm sure somewhere out there there is a pancakehead walker scaring the shit out of evrybody.

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