• You take food away from a dog (A dog that doesn't know you much especially) it's going to bite you. Imagine a pet dog of yours nipped at you for picking up their food dish. Now, the dog is starving and is literally going to fight for food and is a complete stranger: Increase that hostility times twenty, and BOOM: You got yourself an attacker. Now, I don't believe that the dog would try to kill Clementine the extent that it did, but it would attack her pretty bad. Besides, TT needed to compromise and make the situation dangerous as well as emotional, so making Sam a little over reactive may have been necessary.

  • And Lee and put a Fire Axe in his wallet, and the dead walk the earth.

    Listen, it's a game. Not only that, it's a work of fiction. Some creative liberties are required to craft the experience properly.

    The dog scene was a creative little piece to show the state of the world Clementine is now in. Make friends with someone, help each other out, but in an instant that new friend can become your worst enemy over something as simple as food.

    Whether the dog would have actually continued attacking Clementine or not in real life is unimportant, as this is not real life.

    People need to start allowing themselves to suspend their own disbelief from time to time. I don't WANT to play games or watch movies that adhere STRICTLY to realism. Talk about boring.

  • clemlee's "food bowl test" theory is the best way to describe that scene. I wonder if there would be so many of these threads if it wasn't a dog. The butthurt over Sam is funny and a tad ridiculous.

  • I've had bad experiences with stray dogs, biting me in the leg when I was a child, no provocation at all. So yeah, the animals are impredictable. I'm sorry for the dog lovers...

  • Eh. In this scenario, I'm going to go and say that this is alright, as it added to the story, and to the theme the game wanted to set.

  • Ha, ha, this should go on the list of the 1000 reasons "How do You know You play The Walking Dead too much" list:
    638) I'm analyzing why the dog scene is unrealistic (while having no problem that this is only a set of unreal characteres in an unreal world, during a completely unrealistic ZA scenario). I think it is incredible how our brains work - accepts the BIG lie, lets us get emotionally involved in characters that aren't even real but still nitpicks on little things, like this about the dog, or why Clem's hat doesn't fall off :D

    • suspension of disbelief is good, but you might have taken it too far..

      theres most likely a real life lesson to be learned in situations like this

  • robert morgan, i agree with everything you said. this dog went above and beyond by going for the kill; even after clem dropped the can... im starting to think this altercation was symbolism for human on human cannibalism

    • Looking for meaning in things is good, but I think you might have taken it too far..

      it's most likely just something the writers put there to make an impact on the character

  • the bottom line is this dog ACTED decent before the food came into play

  • The dog liked the taste of Clem blood. He's still a carnivore despite what all the "dog whisperers" want to say.

  • The dog is an ANIMAL. An animal that's survived for over a year on its own. Sure, it can be nice with those gestures of kindness like the frisbee, but at his core, he's an animal. Animals have instinct and when he had food, he was going to take it.

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