Impossible to play due to graphics

Hi there,
I was so excited to buy Season Two and happily paid and downloaded it.
Unlike many others, I had no issue locating my saved games, everything was fine.
The problem is the graphics. The characters and landscapes are not layering properly, for example, the sky is visible and takes up most of the picture when it should be in the background as the back layer. Also with the characters, most of the time only their eyeballs and teeth are visible. It is literally impossible to play, I tried for a while but keep dying because I actually cannot see what I am doing.

I tried changing the graphics around but wasn't successful, I also tried downloading it again and restarting my computer, all unsuccessful.

I played Season One and 400 days without any graphic issues at all, the games worked perfectly so I don't think it is a matter of not meeting the system requirements.

If you have any advice or suggestions I would love to hear it as I really want to play this game.



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