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Csi 3dom

posted by Phoenix142 on - last edited - Viewed by 175 users
I have recently bought CSI; 3DOM,

and not to mention 2 weeks before that, a brand new laptop.

Tried the cd in my own laptop, windows crashes, tried in my wife;s, her's crashed, tried in 2 desktops, and they crashed as well,

no scratches, fingerprints or any other abnormalities on the cd,
is it a common problem that these CD's dont work as they should and as we pay for em for to do?

I searched the internet and found quite a few similar problems,

Question is, i bought this in a game store, and they have none left of this game in any stores atm, so what am i to do now if i still want to play the game?
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  • Unfortunately if the cd is bad it is a manufacturing problem and not something we can really help you with. I would suggest contacting Ubisoft and they might be able to get you a replacement seeing as the retail store you bought it from is out.
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