• I will actually be happy if it is Lily or Kenny because I thought it was brave to kill Carley in front of the whole group but it's a zombie apocalypse, what do I know, Lily would make the most sense...

    • Bravery: Executing random group members for calling you a bitch.

      Wait. That doesn't sound like the Webster definition...

    • Wait... You think that Lilly murdering Carley in cold blood for no reason was Bravery?


      I can only assume you have no soul. Or at the very least the comprehension of the difference between MURDER and BRAVERY.

      • I said what do I know, don't be a bi*** about it.

        • The fact remains that you even considered that even in a situation like that, something that was essentially an EXECUTION was bravery.

          I'm sorry, but that is just insane. It makes no sense, and it makes me feel like you are a horrible person, and someone I would never want to associate myself with.

          Oh, and if you were trying to be clever with using the same line Lee said to Lilly("Well you don't have to be a bitch about it!"), then you failed. One, "bitch" is an insult generally used against women, and so you made an assumption that I was a woman. Since I'm not, it just makes me feel like laughing at you. Two, you censored it. If you're going to swear at me, what exactly is the point of censoring your insult?

        • Hey,don't call other people that word! They'll shoot you for it and be justified. And BRAVE.
          groan :)

    • Ye "brave", that's exactly how i'd describe what that bitch did - i hope bandits find her in the woods and put her out of her misery.

  • yes it can be lilly but i wish its kenny!!!!!!!!!!^(_)

  • Whether it's Lily or Kenny, knowing that Clem's friend will be back on Season 2, that makes my heart jump. Telltale just broke my heart when they killed Omid on the first ten minutes of the game. LOL

  • you are right omid is a good men i like him

  • Weird how you want it to be Lilly with your username. Regardless was this worth ANOTHER thread. Could you not have just added your theory to the millions of other threads about this exact same thing. I could maybe understand more if you had a much larger theory or something that hasn't been said before, but all you presented was one piece of dialogue, saying it MIGHT mean something. Admittedly it did spark a discussion but still there are enough of , "It's this person" threads out there and this one will slowly sink into obscurity in a few days. Then another one will be made, and the cycle will continue.

  • "Leaving her on the road is the same as murder"

    Hmm... When the Stranger said that to me(it was the Stranger, right?), I believe my response was "She deserved it".

    So, yeah. You probably wouldn't want me here.

  • Lilly is gonna come back demanding the sixty cents Lee took out of Larry's pocket.

  • Not really, lilys quite smart and not afraid too make tough decisions - i reckon she probably made it, but we won't see her again in the game.

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