replay season 2 Ep 1 - import other save?

Hi guys,

I recently finished the first episode by importing a certain save game from Season 1 (the game automatically asked me to do this).

However I made a few savegames from season 1 and i'd like to start doing different playthroughs in different saves.
When attempting to restart i chose a new savegame slot, but the game isn't asking me to import any saves anymore?
I can only seem to start the episode again (asking me to rewind and telling me it will erase any current progress), but then I also don't see any confirmation that its choosing to start from an existing season 1 save.

Am I missing something? or is this a bug where I can't select multiple saves when starting multiple new games?

EDIT: I did a few steps wrong; i found the solution.
1. play
2. new saveslot
3. the game asked me to import after contuining.

Admins; you may close this thread as I found no option to delete it myself. Thank you

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