Microsoft announces South Park game for XBLA. Could it be? [Nope :)]



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    I never played the Diablo games, but I thought I check out what the fuss was about and the screenshots look great. I don't see what they'd want done to them.

    The "purists" want more grey, I assume. In the gameplay trailer, only the outdoor area looked green and colorful. Which was fine by me because, well, it was outdoors. Where there's green and other colors. Frankly, I think it made it look more immersive. In fact, going from a bright, colorful area to a grim, dismal one would have even more of an impact than just transitioning between two grim, dismal ones.
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    Yeah that Diablo "controversy" is kind of hilarious/depressing. The gameplay videos they released so far show a great amount of visual contrast, between different parts of the dungeons, and different parts of the outside environments. It looked stylized without being cartooney, dark and ominous without being monotone. It's nice.
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    I fully agree. Besides, wouldn't it be more disturbing to gorily vanquish demons in a bright, colorful area? Kind of a Happy Tree Friends effect, minus the humor and cute animals.
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    This guy sums it up pretty well
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    My Initial (Wrong) Opinion: Did that thing just flatten one player under its foot, then pick up a barbarian and bite his head off? Okay, that's awesome. Hardcore mode just got hilarious.

    That was exactly what I thought when I saw the video. In fact, I remember thinking two things during the video: "Wow, that boss is amazing and going to irritate the hell out of me", and "Holy crap! Wall of Zombies?? I've seen all I need to see."
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    GameStop said something about South Park in Telltale's upcoming portfolio. So what's up with that guys?
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    I think you might want to re-read that sentence.
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    Hm you're right, maybe it's too early in the morning for me :D
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