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clems ridiculous strength

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What the hell has happened this season. How is this little girl able to go rambo on her arm and not pass out from pain?
Instead after nearly blacking out she gets attacked and then kills a walker.

Somehow this little girl is able to kick a walker of her even though we had seen a grown man earlier in the position struggling before being bit.

Past episodes have shown numerous adults struggling with a walker before being killed or saved, hell even Lee struggled fighting one until carley shoots in in ep1 but this little injured girl is able to kick one away thats on top of her?

Really disappointing silly episode.

  • You see the walker that grabbed Clem was actually crawling. Its not the same to lift a wight crawling than standing up

  • You see the walker that grabbed Clem was actually crawling. Its not the same to lift a wight crawling than standing up

  • there were parts where she couldnt kick a zombie off in this episode. Anyway i think it has to do with the will to live; adrenaline and what not

  • Adrenaline's a hell of a hormone.

  • not sure if someone could pass out from stitching a wound; its just prick and pull

  • Actually I thought they handled it quite well. You can see when she kills the walker at the camp how frustrated she is that it takes her a few swings. Also the whole game more revolves around escaping walkers rather than killing them (she kills two walkers in ep 1 thats all). Did you see how much effort she had to put in to kill that one in the shed.

    Also about not passing out, that really comes from internal strength not external, I.E Ben passes out in ep 5 if you bring him alone as he can't handle the blood from Lee

  • Although I agree that an 11 year old girl appears to be not only smarter but also stronger than the average person in the game at times. But it is a video game and I dont think this point is even close to a major concern to the community.

    • People in that world are probably smarter than most of us. Smarter than they were before the walkers. I suppose the trade isn't worth it though

    • When were she stronger? I've never noticed this.

      • The fact that she outran and outfought a grown man, I mean she's a 11 year old girl. Like I said I am not complaining about it, but certainly at times they give her smarts/ strengths I have never seen from an 11 yr old. I think that we see all these people die from zombie bites that are either being distracted or doing something stupid, and somehow Clem always finds a way to avoid it.

        • I don't believe she outfought that grown man. Majority of the time she ran from him, then when he finally caught her she bit his hand until it struck blood, causing him to let go and proceeded to run into a log. When he drug her out she, as stated by a few others, used her lower body to force him into a zombie that grabbed him. Nowhere in that situation did Clem physically outfight that man, out maneuver maybe, but not outfought. Just my opinion :)

          • You're going to like the writing no matter what.

            • He was just debunking one specific point. That Clem supposedly outran and outfought anyone. She didn't. The guy in the woods had her, if she didn't dive under the tree. And still he got her seconds later. She tried to run again, got grabbed and could NOT get away. She struggled like 5 seconds (yeah no kid could struggle for 5 seconds with a grown man duh) And then kicked him. He didn't even really fall because of that kick. He was just unlucky that Clem's kick was aimed toward the zombie behind him.

              So she didn't outrun or outfight him

              Zombie in the woods: again just struggling for seconds until Pete and Luke saved her.

              Zombie in the shed: Advantage because the zombie came through a hole on the floor, and therefore was crawling. So he couldn't get a good pull on her. And then she pushed him into the anchor and bashed his head in with the hammer. How is that outfought in the sense, that she won because of physical strength? She was lucky that she could put him on that anchor for a few seconds to get the time to bash his head in.

              She didn't outrun anyone (she did get caught) or outfight anyone because of physical strength.

        • outran and outfought? She never did any of this, she's little and that guy chasing her seemed kinda old and could also have been a little tired, other then potentially being hungry at least Clem had energy to use and was not tired. Adrenaline is also a big part of it.

        • That isn't unbelievable. Kids are smaller and adults are less likely to be used to running after kids. It's probably comparable (Slight exaggeration) to catching rabbits if they've escaped their pen

        • Have you ever stopped to consider that all this time eluding Walkers and dangerous survivors has toughened Clem up?

          I'm getting tired of people saying she can't do this or she can't do that because she's 11 y/o. Given time and the right circumstances, even 11 year olds can develop street smarts and a killer instinct that is not typical to see in the current "soft" world we all live in...

          I think it would be 100 times less believable if, after all this time, Clem was totally weak and unable to protect herself.

        • why cant a 11 year old girl defend herself against a grown man? (also i recognize you from gamefaqs maybe?)

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    KCohere BANNED

    She has really strong legs and she's determined to fight for her life. She has a iron will. Really, is this a big complaint? She needs to be able to fight off attackers or the game will be over. I havent seen her do anything that I thought was over the top or super human.

  • people here love the game way to much. so they will never call out bs like how clem kills walker almost as easy as a grown man lee

  • also she can't fight back at all once she's grabbed by a standing walker,you can see it when you're in the shed,if clem is too long in grabbing the hammer before the zombie that stuck on the anchor rise again,you can see the zombie lift clem's little body and start chewing her neck

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