clems ridiculous strength

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What the hell has happened this season. How is this little girl able to go rambo on her arm and not pass out from pain?
Instead after nearly blacking out she gets attacked and then kills a walker.

Somehow this little girl is able to kick a walker of her even though we had seen a grown man earlier in the position struggling before being bit.

Past episodes have shown numerous adults struggling with a walker before being killed or saved, hell even Lee struggled fighting one until carley shoots in in ep1 but this little injured girl is able to kick one away thats on top of her?

Really disappointing silly episode.



  • You see the walker that grabbed Clem was actually crawling. Its not the same to lift a wight crawling than standing up

  • You see the walker that grabbed Clem was actually crawling. Its not the same to lift a wight crawling than standing up

  • there were parts where she couldnt kick a zombie off in this episode. Anyway i think it has to do with the will to live; adrenaline and what not

  • Adrenaline's a hell of a hormone.

  • not sure if someone could pass out from stitching a wound; its just prick and pull

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    Actually I thought they handled it quite well. You can see when she kills the walker at the camp how frustrated she is that it takes her a few swings. Also the whole game more revolves around escaping walkers rather than killing them (she kills two walkers in ep 1 thats all). Did you see how much effort she had to put in to kill that one in the shed.

    Also about not passing out, that really comes from internal strength not external, I.E Ben passes out in ep 5 if you bring him alone as he can't handle the blood from Lee

  • Although I agree that an 11 year old girl appears to be not only smarter but also stronger than the average person in the game at times. But it is a video game and I dont think this point is even close to a major concern to the community.

  • She has really strong legs and she's determined to fight for her life. She has a iron will. Really, is this a big complaint? She needs to be able to fight off attackers or the game will be over. I havent seen her do anything that I thought was over the top or super human.

  • people here love the game way to much. so they will never call out bs like how clem kills walker almost as easy as a grown man lee

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    also she can't fight back at all once she's grabbed by a standing walker,you can see it when you're in the shed,if clem is too long in grabbing the hammer before the zombie that stuck on the anchor rise again,you can see the zombie lift clem's little body and start chewing her neck

  • I guess this guy has doesn't know what the word "Adrenaline" means.

  • Are you always this annoying? Anyways, there is something called "adrenaline" that can pretty much double or even triple your strength when you are in a life or death situation.

  • As a fairly weak person, I felt like Clem's actions and strength were realistic and fitting the situation and her past. My boyfriend has a Lee-esque stature and he commented while playing: "it really feels like I'm playing as someone younger and weaker, it's crazy stressful".

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    Yeah adrenaline can make a 12 year old child defend themselves from a adult, killing the adult. That's why child kidnappings and dangers are nonexistent in the real world. They are free to run wild because no matter what happens once adrenaline kicks in they get silly unbelievable strength....


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    lol, yep, this 10 year old girl is like every other 10 year old. I mean it's not like Clem has been surviving for 2 years in the zombie apocalypse already.

    Who's the idiot again?

  • Yes. They are. They think Lee dying is "Racist".

  • "Adrenaline" means nothing when something is two times your size and your a small felmale.

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    so you think she learns nothing from what lee taught and experience herself? the school must be extremely hard for you

  • Yes surviving that would not increase enough strength to over power adult walkers when other adults can't.
    So still you.

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    "Adrenaline" means everything when something is two times your size and you're a small female.

  • I love clem but you can't lie they made her stronger then lee. lee could never do all clem did in episode 1 season 2

  • That's not what I was saying, You were comparing Clem to every other little girl, and that's simply not true. Adrenaline is still the answer to your question. Whether you like it or not.

    Also last I checked, she didn't overpower any walker. She used objects in the environment to kill them. It's not like she killed them with her bare hands, oh and don't say when she pushed them off with her legs. Your legs are the strongest part of your body, you are gonna be able to push a walker off with your legs.

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    Yeah I suspect you guys have never hit the gym. Sure she can learn survival tactics but unless she does major squat and leg workouts she aint kicking a grown adult of her.

  • Lee has done what she's done. He's beat off walkers, kicked and run from them. She is not stronger than he is. It took her four or five swings to kill those two walkers where it would probably only take Lee 1 or 2.

  • True, that's why little girls and boys go missing everyday.

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    You just copied Ja1862's response. Anyways I tell you what I told him

    You can't compare Clem to every other little girl, She has been surviving for 2 years in the ZA, She is nothing like other little girls.

  • Fan boys won't admit that. They believe adrenaline can give a child super strength.
    Id love to see a 12 year old take on jon jones, if this adrenaline thing is real he will be kissing that belt goodbye.

  • So you think Clem should be completely helpless and basically dead?

  • I can't keep arguing with somebody who has no common sense sorry.

  • I have,and the move you specify which is done on a leg press isn't really hard,I can push more than 100kg weight without problem,an average adult weight less than that,and seeing clem living like that for a few years surely hardened her physically too

  • Sounds like they did their job.

  • A skinny little girl would not be able to push a adult and all the dead weight away.
    Unless they did insane and I mean insane leg workouts.

    Just wouldn't happen

  • Only the fanboys have common sense? Well ok then.

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    This is why Clementine is so strong.

  • Wrestling is Fake.
    But you wont admit it.

  • No they could have set the situation on a better way.

  • With regards to the OP
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  • I think it was perfectly done. The walker was crawling mind you, so it was a little easier for Clem to kill it. Also, the walker probably lost a lot of weight rotting it self out.

  • Leg presses are indeed not hard at all and are completely different then a moving persons weight.

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