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Im glad this is coming out, however...

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I have a few questions about it. First off, I didn't see any PC requirements on the game's webpage. Will those be announced later? As far as system requirements go, I would like to have an idea of:

A: The required processor speed
B: The required graphics card
C: The required free space on the hard drive
D: How much RAM will be needed

and anything else that you desire to put in.

Okay. Now that that is taken care of, another one of my concerns revolves around the downloading of the game itself. Some of us run on not-so-great connection speeds, so will this game be an abnormally huge file to download? As much as I like Sam and Max, I personally do not want to spend a few hours of my day just getting through the download process. Another one of my concerns (very similar to this one) is, if I pay to download the file, and something god forbid happens during the downloading process, and the download is canceled (or incomplete), will I have to pay again to download it?
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  • The specs will be comparable to those of CSI3, which are:

    -1GHz processor or better when using a video card with hardware T&L (2GHz or better recommended). If your video card does not have hardware T&L, the processor needs to be at least 2GHz (and not all non hardware T&L cards are supported).

    -256MB RAM minimum (512 recommended)

    -64 MB DirectX8.1-compliant video card. If you're wondering about a specific video card, let us know what you have and we'll let you know if it works. (Any 3D-equipped card from the last three or four years will probably be fine.)

    Sam & Max was developed to be a downloadable game, so we've kept file size in mind. I don't know exactly how big it will be or how much hard drive size it'll take up, but the download size will be comparable to the Bone games (which are around 50-75MB downloads). We're not talking a huge game, by any means.

    If you buy the game and it doesn't download correctly, of course you don't have to pay for it again. ;) In fact, if you download the game, play it, and then remove it from your hard drive for whatever reason, you can download it again for free. Once you've bought the game from us, you own a license to it.
  • I stand corrected!

    I just talked to our CTO, and the minimum requirements are even lower than I thought. A 32MB video card and 1.5 GHz processor should be sufficient. Also, the download will be around 75 MB.
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    so would an Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 chip work? im getting a free dell iand i want to make sure i can run the new s&m
  • so would an Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 chip work? im getting a free dell iand i want to make sure i can run the new s&m
    Maybe try the CSI demo and the Cow Race demo (both downloadable from this site) - if they work you should have no problem.

    If CSI doesn't work, but Cow Race does, you'll probably be OK.

    If neither work... :(
  • Here is a list of Intel chipsets that won't work with our games. The one you mentioned isn't on the list, so it'll probably be okay.

    JP's suggestion is a good one. If a demo for one of our other games runs okay on your computer, Sam & Max should be fine. You can get the Cow Race demo here or the CSI demo here.
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    so would an Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 chip work? im getting a free dell iand i want to make sure i can run the new s&m
    A FREE DELL!!! How?
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    @JP and Emily: Thanks guys ill give the cow race a shot as soon as it arrives. unfortuneately my current comp. has an intel chip that is on that list.

    @AdorableSeaUrchin: Its a promotional offer our telephone company gave us for having multiple phone lines for a while. All i had to do was sign up for 3 years of thier high speed wireless internet. I was looking to set up the net on my home comp anyway, so... bonus. But that is totally off topic (sorry)

    thanks again guys, i cant wait to try it out
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    Okay, I got my new comp today and unfortuaneatly it has a 82865G intel chipset, and is one of the ones on the infamous "list" :(( So now im wondering..., is this going to be a brick wall in the way of my enjoying brand new sam and max'y goodness. If i was to buy a geforce or nividea card would that bypass my (unfortuneately integrated) intel video problem?
  • Yes, you'll be fine if you buy a new graphics card. Watch those Dells though, the bigger cards have trouble fitting in the tiny cases.
  • I get the feeling these people aren't watching this thread anymore...
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