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'Detect Selectables' in Season 2?

posted by Talon19892 on - Viewed by 1.8K users

I played all of the first season with Story Notifications off and Detect Selectables on and I very much liked this set up, as I prefer to play that game without the story cues. While playing episode 1 I spent way more time looking for things to interact with, and I died more times in season 2: episode 1 than I did in all of season 1. To be honest this removal of a small customization like that seems like an odd omission, and it really negatively impacts my experience. Is there any way to enable the game to Detect Selectables like the first season or am I stuck with the Standard vs Minimal display option? Thank you in advance, and great job on episode 1 otherwise!

  • Bump. I really want this too. The Season 2 UI is horrific. D:

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Unfortunately at this time the only options are Standard vs Minimal. Choice Notifications are a feature of the game, and at this time we have not announced any plans to update the game to add an option to turn them off. I will make sure to pass your interest along to the team!

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