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Help me error

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i buy game , i start play - error
Alt text
Alt text

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Please follow the instructions to run the TWD Support Tool and post the download link to the resulting "" to your next reply in this thread.

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        DjNDB Moderator

        Please create a new Windows administrator user account with only characters from a-z in the name and try if the game works there.

        • i create new windows administrator .......... ^^^^^^^^^^^ exactly the same error
          did not help

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            DjNDB Moderator

            I was hoping it would. I have seen this error message a few times over the years, but I have not seen a single person who figured out what actually causes it. One user reported that reinstalling windows helped.

            I can try to find a cause, If you post some more data, but I can't guarantee I will find something.

            First start your system into a clean boot (see below).

            Then start process monitor.
            Then immediately try starting the game again. Process monitor will log what the game does while it tries to start. Once the games .exe is closed (you can check in the Task manager), press CTRL+E in process monitor to stop event capturing. Then save the process monitor log (in the menu select "file/save", choose "All Events" and "PML Format", and choose a location).
            Finally .zip the PML file (which will reduce the size significantly), and upload it to an instant filehoster and post the download link.

            Booting clean in Windows 8.x:
            1. At the start screen, type in "msconfig" and press enter
            2. On the General tab, choose Selective Startup
            3. Uncheck Load Startup Items
            4. Select the Services tab
            5. Check Hide all Microsoft services
            6. Click Disable all
            7. If running the game on Steam, re-check the "Steam Client Service"
            8. Click on OK
            9. Click Restart.
            10. After reboot, run the game to see if it works.

            After performing the necessary steps, restore your settings by doing the following:

            1. Click Start --> Type msconfig --> Press Enter
            2. On the General tab, choose Normal Startup
            3. Click Ok
            4. Click Yes, when asked to restart your computer
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