• Erm... That was clearly down the street from where Kenny went into the hole. He didn't just come across five broken walls, or something crazy that would allow him to zip through hundreds of zombies and jump out a window.

  • So a shard glass the Kenny cut off his arm with no blood? Kinda strange but good thought

  • "Please dont disagree with me else you should just leave if you do because you can't have a different opinion"
    And people wonder why I hate Kenny fans so much, the starting post and the first post are proof of whats wrong with the kenny community.
    So what about the alley way death? did that just not happen? should my choice on that be rendered non-canon because of this?
    also, noone in the comic (which the game is set in) survived a walker bite, regardless if they cut it off or not. Dale eventually died of his wound, but thats still up to debate on wether the bite took its toll and eventually kileld him regardless of it being cut, or the way the cut happend killed him.
    So if Kenny got bit, he's pretty much fucked anyway.

    • User Avatar Image
      InfiniteDawn BANNED

      I didn't say you can't disagree with me, I just said don't bring any negativity into this. But, I'm not going to fight fire with fire and have this be a civilized conversation. Theories are theories, they're opinions on what could happen next, just because it didn't happen in the comic book doesn't mean it can't happen in the game at all. Did you not hear when Pete said "We could take her arm off, I know that worked for a cousin down in Ainsworth. We could try that.". If you don't like the 'Kenny community' you can politely fuck off. Okay? okay. :)

      • And the reason you all feel justified on posting the 20,0000 kenny thread as a seperate thread and not making a central thread for all this is why?
        and just cause I dislike the immature fanbase I should leave the forums? Fuck you dude. You're all a bunch of children.

        • User Avatar Image
          InfiniteDawn BANNED

          Coming from you, it's not like we're a Duck fanbase. The Kenny fanbase is mature, we just joke around and have a sense of humor unlike you. And we don't need just one thread for the Kenny community, that's not what forums are about. So, as you misunderstood, politely fuck off of my thread. :)

          • You really don't like people disagreeing with you do you? No. I won't fuck off. At all. And a fanbase is MEANT to be together, not seperated. So No, you're not justified in flooding hte forums with the 20 billionth kenny theory. Ironic considering Kenny fanboys flame anyone who creates a seperate thread on another character. You're all disgusting. Your jokes aren't funny.

            • User Avatar Image
              InfiniteDawn BANNED

              Isn't it past your bed time? You seem cranky. I don't know what kind of Kenny fans you've been interacting with but the ones in this thread are just fine. I personally love hearing theories and so do other Kenny fans, and you call us disgusting? Please, I love people who disagree with me, I see their point of view, but you? You're just looking for a fight. I hardly see any Kenny theories here on the forums. So, please do, fuck off. And stop being a stereotypical, irritable bitch. Thanks.

              • You don't see any theories?What are you doing? closing your eyes or just blinding clicking the "new thread button" ? Cause there's plenty. Even on the first page, so that arguement is pretty much invalid.
                And you seem pretty offensive for someone trying to be "reasonable" Typical diehard Kenny fan. Can't resort to a conversation without starting it with an insult. Really? fans saying "KENNY'S ALIVE, IF YOU DISAGREE YOU SHOULD BE BANNED" is a fine attitude is it?

                • User Avatar Image
                  InfiniteDawn BANNED

                  First of all, it's called sarcasm. Kenny fans do that as a joke. I've really had enough of you, you're quite irritable and annoying. Actually, very irritable and annoying. And starting a conversation with an insult? You insulted first, so that's pretty much a invalid reason. Can you just stop? Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone. You just can't accept the fact that we're more of a The Walking Dead fans than you. But before you go, please tell me, what fanbase are you apart of?

                  • Yeah, I mean, I really dislike Kenny, and hope he's dead, but you have a point, dawn. This guy's kind of an asshole.

                  • No. I won't "leave you alone" You tried to make me feel like shit for stating a fact.
                    It's not my fault that Kenny fans feel obliged to bring up Kenny in any irrelvant part of the forum like hardcore bronies.
                    It's not my fault noone will do anything about it.
                    You don't "leave people alone" btw, you're all everywhere, forcing your theories down everyones throat and trying to claim the entire community agrees with you
                    "Everyone thought kenny was alive"
                    And no, The Walking Dead fans actually accept inevitability in situations, they don't come up with situations that make survivors seem superhuman.

                    • Alt text

                      Dear God you annoy me...

                    • User Avatar Image
                      InfiniteDawn BANNED

                      There's theories for sarcasm reasons, and theories that are funny to a particular fanbase. Welcome to the internet. Just because some Kenny fans are just down right retarded and forceful, doesn't mean we all are. Get that through your head. You even had a Kenny hater call you an asshole. Now please tell me, why isn't anyone agreeing with you? Because you aren't 100% on your facts, you aren't 100% believable when you say all Kenny fans are the same, you know why? Because we prove it. Go prove your point somewhere else where it's needed. Not where the good Kenny fans are.

                      • Noones agreeing with me because there's like a thread full of kenny fans and one normal guy who just wants to side with the majority. I'm fine with that. Again. Why do you feel like you have some right to spam the 20th kenny thread over someone trying to have a normal convosation? cause you're too lazy to search? Cause you want 20 seconds of fame? I'm still fine right here thanks. I guess it's acceptable for me to recreate a sticked thread by this logic or make a "Lee is alive" thread and be super serious about it? and untill Kenny fans ON THE FORUM YOU'RE USING.Stop stalking users just to downvote any comment they make ever, my opinion won't change. You're all pathetic. What you all going to do when Kenny is confirmed dead? Deny the truth?

                    • Make you feel like shit? You make EVERYONE WHO LIKE KENNY FEEL LIKE SHIT. What is your problem? "I hate Kenny fans" but you hate on us? No one has done ANYTHING TO YOU, all you do is HATE on everyone that likes Kenny. You if ANYONE should be banned and never be allowed to post on this forum at all. I see you in almost EVERY thread that has something to do with Kenny and all you do is HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. For godsake man, calm the fuck down and just IGNORE THEM if you dont like them.

                • Dude why are you tutoring yourself? Stop coming on to Kenny threads if you're just gonna say all Kenny fans are disgusting. You obviously don't like Kenny or the fan-base, so what's the point of commenting? You're not a mod, so you shouldn't talk about the Kenny threads. If they weren't aloud here, they would be closed in a matter of minutes. Dale survived the amputation, but he died because of the hunters cut his legs off for food, (spoiler). He was wrong for insulting you, though. Has your mommy every taught you If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all?

                  • Erm... This is awkward. I hate Kenny, but I come to these threads because I like decent conversation, and occasionally, a reasonable Kenny fan comes along and we argue for a while. It's fun. I try to keep it light, but sometime people take what I say the wrong way :C

                    • The guy said all Kenny fans are like that. He called that a fact? That's an OPINION. I'm not gonna lie, most Non Kenny guys do tend to annoy me (sorta like this one) but you seem to be not like "Kenny's dead, get that through your heads. All Kenny fans are dumb, etc. etc." I can be reasonable, but if any of these Anti-Kenny guys insult me, i will call them out and tell them they're out of line.

                      • User Avatar Image
                        InfiniteDawn BANNED

                        I won't insult you, don't worry. I'm talking about how certain they are about all Kenny fans are like that. Honestly, the down right retarded ones are. I'm more of a reasonable person, I want to hear your point of view, but him starting to insult me and a whole fan-base for what? Just because some of the fan-base are over the top with there theories saying "keni flew out of da atak n went 2 da house fing and is alive k? i kno dis i saw it". But don't get me wrong, sometimes people do this for fun. A harmless little laugh, but then you have the Anti-Kenny fans thinking it's real or something and going ape shit at every single Kenny Fan they come across.

                      • Well... Honestly, I'm never more happy than when I'm having a light-hearted debate. It's fun to shoot down others' arguments, and learn how to rebuild yours after they get shot down.

                        But I do genuinely think Ken is dead, and I'd love to argue with you. Why not start a three-way PM?

                  • User Avatar Image
                    InfiniteDawn BANNED

                    I couldn't have put that better myself. Some people just don't understand the concept of a fanbase.

                  • Because users need to learn. 20 threads of the same thing is too annoying. This "Dawn" person is a new kenny fan I haven't encountered yet and thuis I need to tell them how bad the Kenny fanbase is getting (It's even worse on youtube) I'm not just going to stand by and let them do whatever they want cause they think they hold some power.
                    I don't care how many haters I get. This used to be a nice forum. Now it's just the "AGREE KENNY IS ALIVE OR BE HATED FOREVER" forum.

                    • If you were a mod, we wouldn't be having this conversation. It's not your place to discuss threads. I do understand some Kenny fans can get out of control, but this one he or she just hates being bashed (reasonable thing to hate). He or she is a Kenny fan and will defend when offended. When they see Kenny get killed off, i can imagine a few threads about it, Kenny fans and Anti fans, but i imagine them getting closed.

                    • User Avatar Image
                      InfiniteDawn BANNED

                      Honestly, before this account I was on here everyday looking at the threads. I'm not a new Kenny fan, I have been for awhile going onto different forums. But I agree with you when you say that YouTube is worse, I've seen all of it on YouTube and I've actually gotten into a pretty big argument about TWD and Kenny that costed someone their YouTube account. I don't hold some power either. I never have, but just because you don't like the '20 threads about keni" doesn't mean you can hate on every single one of them. Just relax and take it somewhere else.

                      • I'd happily relax if Kenny fan's just took it calm and didn't take it as a personal offense that I don't like Kenny or think he's alive.
                        It's just too annoying that whenever another episode pops up, the first people to dash on the scene is the people going "ITS KENNY UNDENIBLY KENNY KENNY KENNY" and then they're wrong and they act like they never said that again to avoid being wrong.
                        Remember when season 2 trailer was released? Some kenny fans where annoying then. "It's kenny. You're an idiot if you don't believe".
                        I apologize for my "atittude". I'm trying to be a much better person, but shit like this I can't stand, not theories as such, but more the diehard fans..
                        On the talk of youtube, I checked pewdiepies video of episode 1 season 2 obviously, to see his reactions. No I'm not a fan, My normal youtube subscibers hadn't started the game yet, and the fans seem to think the person in episode 2 is Lee.
                        They act even worse than diehard kenny fans, going out on an all out insult spree to make you feel like shit to not agreeing to illogical bullshit.

                        • User Avatar Image
                          InfiniteDawn BANNED

                          The hypocrisy in this world is depressing, you want to talk about relaxing? You go onto literally EVERY Kenny thread just to complain and whine like a little bitch. And Kenny fans don't say "OMG ITS KENNY IT IS YOU HAVE NO OPINION IS YOU DISAGREE!" Those are troll comments, YOU need to learn not to take it as a personal offense. No one cares that you don't like Kenny, and claiming that you don't care about Kenny on others posts, but the fact is that you don't want people to be offended by what you say, even though you insult them and their fanbase. And also, It's The Walking Dead. There's no logic in this game whatsoever, so I have no idea where you are coming from with the "Kenny isn't superman, stop making posts about him, it's all unrealistic and illogical that he's alive, blah blah blah, I complain alot". You don't understand because you aren't in a fan-base. You're in a hate-base. You hate and hate and hate just to make the WHOLE fan-base feel like shit, make them feel annoying and of course, when offended they will defend. It's common sense, something you don't have because you keep arguing and making no point. And there's people that are at a young age and they watch TWD, they think it could be Christa's baby (Omid junior) for crying out loud. You can't go agro at people because you don't like what fan-base they're apart of, you can't chuck a fit at people while not knowing there age and knowledge. I see you're trying to be a better person, and to do that is just leave this as it is and leave the thread. Try not to start arguments because there's unreasonable, obnoxious people out there trolling a fan-base. Don't stress over it, laugh about it. Stick to your fan-base and we'll stick to ours. Thanks.

                          • It's kind of hard to try and avoid a thread when you continue to be offensive. I tried to be as reasonable as I can in my comment to try and end this arguement.
                            I'm going to have my opinions and you'll have yours. You just can't remain ignorant to the fact of the people in your fanbase.
                            They're not trolls. They're a part of your fanbase as anyway, you can't just treat them as "abominations". Age doesn't factor into this. They entered a forum they should expect discussion and if they dont expect people to disagree with them, it's about high time they did.
                            Again. I apologize for this. But I misunderstood the situation. I hope you understand I'm still "learning" in a way.
                            My life ... hasn't been "the best" but I won't go into that on a public forum.

                            • User Avatar Image
                              InfiniteDawn BANNED

                              You say that you try to be reasonable, but through this you've been anything but. And yes, age does factor into this because you can come across an obnoxious 10 year old, or a troll. I'm not saying those people are in my fanbase that say "KENNY FOR SEASON 2 ITS CONFIRMED BLAH" those are people mocking the fanbase or people that are in the fanbase that are just joking. And seriously, don't try to go on a sympathy hunt by saying your life isn't the best, then saying you're not going to tell that on a public forum. Honestly, as it says in your bio, you're 18. What the hell are you talking about "still learning". It's a forum and you've been on for a year now. You should know not to insult someone without being insulted back. You should have not even clicked on this thread if you knew it bothers you so much, but guess what? You did it anyway. Way to be an 18 year old.

                              • I'm not going to explain this on a public thread, I'd gladly tell you the issue in a PM, but for now, I'll just let you think what you want.
                                I'm not looking for "sympathy". If I was, I'd go all out with why my life is so bad and yadda yadda.
                                And no, don't start your "IF YEW DUNT MEAN ET YOU WOUDN'T OF SED ET" bullshit.
                                I see your still trying to be offensive regardless of if the other person is reasonable or not. I guess you fit right into the kenny fans I've been describing.
                                Unforgiving, Relentless assholes who take joy in making others feel bad and dragging shit out.
                                I just said I wanted the arguement to be over. Accept that, why are you trying to drag it out so much?
                                This arguement tires me, I'm sorry and I've made that clear, if you're going to start going onto personal attacks from now on, you'd only be proving my point.
                                Just leave it as it.

                                • User Avatar Image
                                  InfiniteDawn BANNED

                                  I like the way that you start this argument off when I posted this thread as an insulting, rude, disgusting person. Then you act like it's us Kenny fans that are doing that. Listen, you've had Kenny HATERS tell you to stop, and every time I put you in your place and tell you to leave it be, you do the opposite then tell ME to leave it be. Like I said, the hypocrisy in this world is depressing, now please. Instead of continuing, just keep away from this thread. The next time I come across you, I want it to be a friendly chat. Not another argument because you don't like Kenny or his fans. And trust me, I don't personally attack people. I know how it feels. feelin teh feelz. lol

                                  • Just a FYI. If I started the arguement, it's fitting that I'd end it.
                                    Also "Disgusting" ?... nevermind. Keep your opinions or whatever. I never intended to come off as that.
                                    If you look at the recent threads, there was one post by a Kenny fan demanding people stop "whining" about episode 1, bassicly saying any negative opinion about s2 ep1 should stop entirely because he demands it.
                                    It's people like that, that piss me off, and ones that flood the forums with seperate threads that can be joined together.
                                    As I stated before, I believe fandoms should feel joint together as one happy "family" if you will, rather than disjointed.
                                    Not only does it fill the forum but It makes new discussion hard as kenny fans will often comment on the new seperate threads and push new discussions to the second page (Which barely anyone goes too) .
                                    Sure. I'd be up for a friendly chat anytime.


      Alt text

    • @stevean2: Dale didn't die from his leg being amputated by Rick at the prison. He survived & was later bitten again on the road to Washington DC by a different walker. Andrea shot him to stop him from becoming a walker.

    • Dale did not die from the first bite in the comic. His first bite was in the leg and it gets amputated. He lives for a quite a while, all the way until the fall of the prison where Dale retreats back to Hershel's farm. He is later bitten again on the shoulder on their way to DC and is then killed by Andrea before turning. The comic confirms that amputating a bite will keep you from turning.

      • Sorry to basically say what Oomi just said. Couldn't see her post after the long threads of bickering. I'm a general fan of Kenny in the aspect that he's an interesting character and I liked him about as much as anyone would expect you to. The issue with his "death" is that in either scenarios (depending on Ben's presence) you don't physically see Kenny die. You could assume that Kenny dies, but you don't see him being killed. He definitely gets overrun, but even in the comic, the character Tyrese is overrun in a gym room and gets locked inside, everyone assuming he died, but when they checked later he was alive surrounded by dead walkers. Although I don't see Kenny as physically strong as Tyreese, I see his backstory and mental disposition to actually be the same considering what happened to both of them. Point is, Telltale went out of there way to keep you from seeing a dead body, so obviously they are not done with him. I understand people think he's dead, but it bugs me to hear absolute certainty that he died when it can only be assumed.

  • Yo

  • I concede that it might be Kenny. But as Ive said before, I like Kenny. He brings a unique character to the group. BUT he SHOULD have died. In either scenario, there was no escape. You can say you don't see or hear him die, or he finds a window and you know what ? Telltale might say that he did. But I have watched both cases multiple times and there is no way especially in the alleyway he survives. If it is indeed Kenny, Telltale has done something that it hasn't done in the series before which is making the unrealistic the acceptable. Before you thumb me down, all I am saying is that the Walking Dead name is built off realism (obviously for a zombie apocalypse haha) but none the less realistic.

    • User Avatar Image
      InfiniteDawn BANNED

      I'm not thumbing down your comment, you bring up a good point and not in a negative way. The voice actor for Kenny stated that when he was recording the death he was supposed to die, but it was just so open ended. He was originally recording more sounds like screams, gurgles, ect. But Telltale re-recorded it to make it less.. well, 'deathy'. (I have such a way with words). But yeah.

    • It isn't unrealistic

        • Nope. People overcome worse

          • If the situation with Kenny surviving isn't unrealistic, than there is no point in arguing because I can't change your opinion. Im assuming Lee may still be alive? And I actually think Duck didn't die he was just faking it as a joke on his parents. He and Clem will get married one day.

            • User Avatar Image
              InfiniteDawn BANNED

              The game as a whole is unrealistic, but then again. People survive the odds everyday. So there's a lot of a possibility.

            • Yes. Make fun of me for believing an offscreen, inaudible death may not be true by comparing to two situations in which the characters in question were obviously killed. Thanks. I suppose keeping an open mind is to be an idiot these days

              • Calm down Im not making fun of you. You are of the majority by thinking its Kenny. I just want to understand how people can believe he survived the 20 zombies that quite literally cornered him in. Call me a skeptic, but I think most prob would have died in that scene… and I am being slightly sarcastic because EVERYONE would have died. There was no possible escape. None what so ever. The windows were boarded up. He shoots Ben and we see the zombies right on his back already. There is no way he somehow punched in a window and jumped through than somehow made it through the town by himself.

                • Sorry broski. I don't think it's Kenny. I believe it could be Christa, Kenny, Lilly, Bandit, someone from S2 who seems to be killed in Ep2, Molly, etc. Anyone plausible. I think Kenny is plausible though, not the most plausible but largely from fanservice I think he could come back. I'm alright with it if Telltale write it believably though

                • User Avatar Image
                  InfiniteDawn BANNED

                  It's been done in TWD before. TV show, Game, Comic books, ect. And the game is unrealistic as a whole, if Kenny is alive I wouldn't be surprised. (Mostly happy because I'm a Kenny fan). But it's not like the only chance he could survive is because of a window, what about if someone was there to help him? What about the sewers? He could use Ben as a distraction to escape. You can't just think "Oh it's unrealistic he's dead". You need to think through the options.

  • The fact this thread has 11 likes is proof people just like to see the world burn.

  • Let me talk about this from a neutral point of view. :D

    People seem to think Kenny couldn't have made it out alive in either situation because he couldn't have gotten out of the alleyway or into a manhole, or because he couldn't get to stairs or a window, depending on where he got trapped at in your playthrough. Let's not forget that Lee mowed through an entire zombie hoard by himself with small melee weapons, and Molly fought her way out of a zombie hoard with her bare hands if you left Clem with Omid and didn't save Molly, or shot her. It is possible for someone to push through a zombie hoard, and it has been done multiple times.

    With how much Telltale seems to have hinted at it, I think Kenny will return alive, probably in the next chapter, since he is the most reasonable one for Clementine to think is dead. She hopes Christa is alive, she has no reason to believe Molly is dead if you saved her which I did, and I still got that scene in the preview, Lilly steals the RV if you take her with you so there is a path where Clementine might believe she is still alive, am I missing anyone important? Kenny is the only one who seemed to be dead, and it is reasonable to believe Clementine was told what happened to him.

    Now, whether or not he comes back is up to Telltale, so how about everyone just stops arguing about it until Telltale makes a decision? They said his fate will be explored, so they'll probably show what happened to him, whether he lived or died.

    To clarify, I do like Kenny as a character, but I also like Christa and Molly, Molly a lot more than Kenny. He just seems the most logical to come back in the next episode based off what I know. You may notice I didn't mention liking Lily. I don't. She killed my Carly. </3

    • User Avatar Image
      InfiniteDawn BANNED

      I like the way you didn't insult me or any fanbase in particular. You make a few good points here, and I applaud you for it.

      • Thank you. I just think all this fighting is not needed. Arguing won't make either side right or wrong, in the end it's Telltale's decision. I mean a conversation about what everyone thinks will happen is great, but insulting each other over opinions on what will happen next in a game is silly. It doesn't even help your point. :D

        • User Avatar Image
          InfiniteDawn BANNED

          Exactly, I don't get why people do it. When I posted this thread I didn't insult anyone, but to see people starting to insult eachother, me and the thread is just wrong. Let people believe what they want, it's just a theory, it's not like it's going to actually happen.

          • It might, it's possible. I dislike people saying it will or won't happen, since it's possible, but not confirmed. Either way, it's not like arguing over it is going to make either side right, it will just make one side look like dicks when it is revealed who is right, and the other side will probably gloat about how they are right.

  • The general TWD comic book rule is that if you don't see the character die, he/she is probably alive. People who are saying that it's completely unrealistic that Kenny lived through that, just don't understand 3 simple things: The comics have done it more than once. TTG said that they will explore what happened to Kenny in this season. It's a video game.

    Having said that, I'm not a big fan of Kenny's. I think he's a selfish asshole BUT he was one of the most interesting characters in season 1.
    IF he does return (which wouldn't be a big surprise to me) then I'll be avoiding this forum like the plague because there's gonna be a full on fan warfare between Kenny fans and haters.

    • You think he is a selfish asshole? really? now dont get me wrong i dont love kenny, chucks better, but i dont hate him. the wiki page on him summs up his personality

      likable, but nevertheless flawed man, he is a sharp, hard-working and a family man who likes to take action and make things happen.

      • As a character I think he's brilliant. He's easily one of my favourites from season 1. But the way I played, Lee and Kenny were always on eachothers throats. They were rivals but in the end I still cried when he died (or did he).

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