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Ep1 for free..?

posted by Tarkon on - Viewed by 4.5K users

My daily routine - looking at some websites and there it was, this headline: The Wolf Among Us - First Episode for free! (on 360)

Are you seroious, after 74 days since release? What do you think how i feel now? (need a hint? -
pretty pissed off :/ )

During all this time everybody is waiting for some informations about ep.2. But you guys have nothing more to do than slap in my/our face/s to give everybody your work for free... Why should I buy your games (in future), if you do giveaways ten weeks later?

Ok, it's Christmas, but where are the gifts for your loyal fans???

  • Telltale have already said they'd have more info about TWAU after the holidays. Nearly three weeks ago, in fact.

    Personally, I'm fine with them giving away Ep1 for free, but I can see how others who've paid for the game and are waiting patiently for the next episode could have a problem with it.

    The problem is, the delay has been extremely bad press for them, and it's certainly not helped those who were on the fence about buying it. Giving away the first episode as a sort-of extended demo is a good way to try and counter-act that.

    It doesn't help the "faithful", of course, but let's be honest - there's nothing they can really do on that front, is there?

    • Hi there,

      well there is always something you can do, a discount on another Telltale game/episode/seasonpass would be something to start with...

      I'm as well kinda pissed off. it is not like i didn't expect this, but at least not before the release of all 5 episodes.

  • I wonder if something terrible happened.

  • I'm pretty pissed since I bought the game 3 days ago...

    Although I'm glad I helped out TTG buy buying it.

  • Giving away episode one is exactly for those on the fence... like me. It's bait. I downloaded it today and played it... then bought the rest of the game. So downloading a part of the game (like a demo) shouldn't make you mad. What might make you mad is that I was charged $10.04 (why .04?) for the rest of the game.

    But it's like any other release -- if you can't wait and need to have it immediately, you pay full price. I was waiting for a better deal, even better than the Steam sale... and I found it.

    I'd suggest not buying games when they're released if you're going to be upset about reduced prices... even in 70 days. You apparently didn't need the free episode to make your purchase decision.

    With all that said, I enjoyed episode one (after adjusting to 360 vs PC). I thought the whole fables theme would be weak (knowing nothing about the IP). Looking forward to future episodes.

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      roundabout BANNED

      But it's like any other release -- if you can't wait and need to have it immediately, you pay full price. I was waiting for a better deal, even better than the Steam sale... and I found it.

      In general I would agree to that... However there was no "having it immediately" since they did not even release a second episode. Currently even the season pass is on sale on Xbox (33% off which explains the $10.04). From my point of view this is really bad release planning by TTG.
      Based on this experience this will definitely be my last TTG game which I am buying before everything has been released... Sorry. Personally I think episodic releases could have worked out but not with this lack of communication about the release plans. The reduced price just adds to the general impression.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      That argument would work if the season had been completed, and they gave out Ep1 for free. Though it suggests numbers not as high as they wanted, since steam cut the price in half and xbox gave it out for free. It's been three months, plus. No word on them releasing Ep2.

      Tell Tale has always released games 4 to eight weeks, give or take a week. They never took three months to polish a game. What users are more frustrated about then this for free, is total lack of communication. We didn't even know Walking Dead was coming out, till the day it came out.

      This isn't really a reduced price. People got the same game. I paid for, for free. While their sitting, waiting for Ep2.

      • Maybe the argument doesn't work for you, but I was explaining why I finally purchased the game. I would not have purchased it when I did if I didn't have the opportunity to play the first episode as a demo. I am not a fan of episodic releases and I've seen other comments where Telltale should have enough cash flow now to start releasing full games (or at least finish and release consistently.. once a week, once a month). I agree with that.

        I think my point still stands because a formal release schedule was not given. I paid what I thought was a fair price for an undisclosed amount of time to wait for the next episode. Actually, that's me taking a risk on spending $10 for an undisclosed future return, so "fair price" might not be the right term. I suppose I can understand that people are upset with their "investment" not paying off as soon as they'd like, but that's why episodic games / season passes are a risk.

        If you don't like this situation, then don't buy until the game is complete. The only risks there are waiting longer than you'd like to play the game... and reading spoilers.

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          fusedmass BANNED

          I sincerely don't believe you should be asking people to be patient. Since you only played the game a few day's ago. We have been waiting three months. Then you come here, and ask everyone that normally waits four to six weeks max for a video game to just relax..

  • aaaaaand troll-of-the-year award goes to.....Telltale company claps furiously

  • I'm a big fan of Fables comics and of Telltale previous works (walking dead is one of my best experience in gaming of this generation and i love their work on the sam & max franchise especialy) so i don't mind buying it full price and help this company to continue make other games !

    I'm glad of this free épisode which help me spreading the word about this wonderful game and universe around my friend and people not familiar with it. Nobody have to feel upset for buying something good. Moreover 20 bucks (euros in my case) is a fair price for aprox a 10 hours gaming experience...not many games offer that range of prices (and they make regular discounts and giveaways).

    So thank you telltale for this gift to the ones who haven't buy your games yet.

    Sorry for my bad grammar i'm french ^^

  • I'm absolutely furious. I have no problem with Episode 1 being free as I have paid my money to play it first... but to now offer a discount on the Season Pass BEFORE I have even seen anything come of the full price one I bought is too much.

    TellTale are constantly making it hard for me to like them, if it's not save issues and delays in their Walking Dead series it's this... and I give up. I'm voting with my wallet and not paying a single penny on TellTale products if this is the thanks you get for it.

  • I wish I could have gotten in on that deal, lol! But whatever its $5 and I think it was worth it.

  • I'm pretty disappointed about this too...more so that it played terribly on my XBOX 360 (though, maybe by now they've fixed it but I have no reason to try since EP2 isn't out yet).

    I got it on XBOX since I didn't want to deal with any tinkering or such and figured like most console games it would "just work." To my surprise, I got a lot of framerate problems that totally ruined the experience and made me miss small pieces of the cutscenes--not game changing but very annoying. Immediately regretted not getting it on PC.

    Every other Telltale title I used on PC--just thought I'd take the console route so I could "just play." I didn't want to deal with issues--like most recently in Walking Dead Season 2--the game just crashing with an XBOX controller in. Which I believe I had the exact same problem when season 1 was out and had to hack around the same way.

    But I understand it's the price we pay for wanting to play it first. It's just how it is with game sales these days. You wait even a month and get heavy discounts so it's my fault for being the sucker wanting to play these titles day 1.

    • Do you know for sure the frame rate is better on the PC? It's been this bad on consoles since the very first episode of The Walking Dead and I assumed it was TellTale making lots of money on the franchise and not putting any back in. They play like they are put together out of glue and sticks.

      • I've played both seasons of Walking Dead, 400 days DLC, and Back to the Future on PC and did not have any framerate problems (but had other issues like the one I mentioned with controllers). But of course it could depend on your PC and configuration (which is one of the reasons why I thought consoles would be better since developers can optimize for them since there's no variations in configurations).

        Now I'm really sad since you said the framerate problem has always been there for you on other telltale titles too on XBOX...

        • I did not experience framerate lag on the first wolf among us episode, but it was a pretty big issue with the new episode of the walking dead, for me.

          • Weird, TWAU had a lot of minor framerate issues for me that I chalked up to my Xbox being somewhat ludicrously old, but the new season of TWD had next to none. In fact, thinking about it, I think the only noticeable problem was a bit of stuttering at the start of the showdown with Winston or Walter or whatever the old blokes name is.. The first season of TWD had none at all, until I played through a second time; that time, I had a few hiccups with more frantic scenes.

  • Wonder if it's free for the other consoles or PC. Anyway thank you Telltale.

    God bless.

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