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What is going to happen to Clem in the upcoming episodes? *Prediction Thread*

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Like I think in episode 3 Clem is gonna have to deliver the baby possibly, and maybe Rebecca won't survive so Clem will have to shoot her..... and then in episode 4 she is forced to join some kind of cult.

Just some predictions

  • i hate it when people say this to me but i already started this thread

  • hmm.. I wonder how the gameplay gonna be,is it gonna shown explicitly when rebecca pushing her child out of her womb?

  • I think she wont die but she will suffer some serious injury. No one in the series has lost an ear so for some reason I'm predicting that (like it gets shot off or something) .... is that morbid? I just know bad stuff will happen

  • I'm not sure she's going to join some cult. I think she's putting walker blood on her face since she needs to pass trough a herd maybe? And because you see some 400 days characters i think that's when you'll meet them. I gotta feeling that somehow they are involved with the ending of this season.

  • the talk about the cult stuff sounds too weird. I agree with Sampz above, and I'm guessing the picture is more symbolic and metaphorical. Could be putting on walker blood like S1E5 or she might have to do something bad to help/save the group. Could also be captured by another group

  • inb4 sexual violence of any sort

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