• He's a fable so if he's alive after all these attempts to kill himself, then he's most likely going to make it. If you let him live, then you should have seen him in the next on. I distinctly remember seeing him saying "What happened to the rest of her?" regarding Faith's head.

    • Thanks for the answer .
      As I said above , my actual point is Georgie part . I mean we just left a really important clue(probably the most important part of it) to go an check on Toad ! I know that we'll meet him in the next episode , but still , it doesn't feel real at all that we didn't ask about Georgie and the reason Lawrence hated him . I'm sure Toad could've waited for another 10 minutes !(Especially because I didn't go to him when he called)

  • Georgie is faiths pimp, he is the bald guy with hat front of strip club on episode 2 teaser I think.

    • Thanks , I know that he's Georgie , but my problem is that we completely left it in episode 1 . Even a line saying that after going to Toad's house I'm gonna ask Lawrence about Georgie would've been enough .

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