• I hope its Kenny. And i mean, TellTale may be a troller but not twice. Its the ONLY ONE that could be it. But they COULD do it. Buy it will be a big dissapointment

  • Approach it logically, the choice to give the man water appears as one of the main choices in the statistics at the end. It MUST be relevant, which means it is likely the person who will appear in episode 2.

  • M-Maybelle the Cow...

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  • If the person Clem is referring to turns out to be "the water bandit" (or worse...someone we've never seen before), I'd say Telltale OWES us a major character return in episode 3. Kenny, Lilly...hell, I'd even take Molly if it meant an end to the trolling.

  • i know its a long shot and sounds really crazy but what if its lee her face looks ike she saw this person actually she didint see kenny or die (if the did)
    lee and omid are only two that she saw that could come cinda

  • Has anyone thought about the possibility that the person is Campman (the guy who 'kidnapped' Clem in s1 e5)

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