• Could be Pete/Nick too. Although probably not since it was Clementine that was so suprised. I'm almost positive it's Kenny, because in season 1 Kenny was so central a figure, so it would make sense that the decisions you made as Lee that affected Kenny alot would come into play in season 2.

  • Omid- your kidding right? please tell me you are. for him to survive a string of luck would have to come his way A) Christa would have to Not shoot him in the head B) They would have to leave the station and have the new group appear within 10-30 minutes C) They would have to have at least 2 doctors with medical supplies D) He would have to go Immedent surgery.

    Highly inprobable especily in TWD world where you do Whatever it takes to survive


    A) The water bandit


    C) Lilly (Regarding your opinion its highly probable that she died and clem has reason to think that after 16+ months)

  • for me it is a definite no for Lee. Clementine would be super happy and run up to him (or maybe she was just shocked). but she sounded a little worried and frightened. and also...Lee looked pretty bad, but then again...he was a BADASS!


  • Or it could be somebody we haven't even met yet..

  • Another theory: It could be the girl that shot Omid! ;)

  • In the case that it WOULD be Lee, wouldn't the look of relief on Clementine be even more apparent than if it was Christa?

  • How would Lee have survived?

  • Well, I forgot about some characters in the first season, but my guess is:
    1)The group of old people in season 1(the ones that Lee thought that they had taken Clementine,before he figured out who the real "kidnapper" was)- if I remember right they didn't die
    2) Could be Molly(the girl that Lee and Kenny met in the city,she was living on her own and if I remember right, she also later on didn't want to stay with the group anymore)
    3)Also the others that we don't clearly know what happend with them : Kenny, Glenn,Lilly...
    Might be anybody xD
    I think that Lee and Omid can't be the survivors. If you decided to kill Lee he's just gone(yea it's hard to let go and we try to find diffrent reasons for him to return, but I think that won't happen) and Omid(that's just not possible, no1 would have wanted to save him in that sape + it would be nearly impossible to save him)
    Damn I just finished this 1st episode and I'm so pumped up I could play the whole game over again :P Episode 2 come as fastest you can(but they will probably wait to sell the episode 1 to get some money and lure the buyers, and then realease episode 2, just business - but I'm thankfull that they made such an awsome game).

  • I would love Omid to come back. I've actually saw Prison Break once, and Lincoln was shot to the right part of his chest, near the same place as Omid. Then the shooter told his brother by phone that Lincoln had like 2-3 hours before he died. If the bullet hit just Omid's lung and not the heart, I think it's possible he survived.

  • Christa would have put a bullet in Omid's head without a doubt...not a chance it's him. kenny and Lilly seem the most likey,

    • But that's the thing, they don't show Christa or Clem taking the shot, so Telltale might be using that to their advantage. Also Clem had no knowledge of Lilly ever dying, so why would she say "I thought you were dead"?

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