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Who threatened Rebecca?

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This bitch messed with the wrong kid .

she thought she could fuck with Clem and get away with it and she thought she could get away after what she is done NOT after i dropped the black mail bomb on her.
I don't think Alvin would be happy if he knew. I wonder what would happen in e2

Who the heck cheat on there husband in a fucking in ZA. seriously though

  • I blackmailed her too but that was mainly because in my play through she was the reason Nick almost shot Clementine.

  • Who the heck cheat on there husband in a fucking in ZA. seriously though

    lori did

  • I did and it felt aaaaawesome.

    Usually in RPGs I pick the super nice, concilatory option all the time out of general Neutral Good tendencies. It's a mark of how successfully immersive these games are that I find myself having much more authentic emotional reactions to the situation (in S1E3, I was legit mad at Lily when I kicked her out of the RV), and as Clem, I was getting pretty fed up with Rebecca. Playing the creepy kid who knows all your secrets was delicious. :)

  • Yea. I did. I don't feel bad about it. You guys ever watch Two Best Friends on YouTube? I hope Matt and Pat do this.

  • I didn't.It feels like i just becoming larry if i do that.I was good every people even if somebody being a dick.
    (Sorry for my language i am not english.)

    • Well at least that problem solved itself later on. I mean during the end of Episode 2 and the beginning of Episode 3.

    • Why becoming Larry? Larry only threatened lee because he was a convicted murderer and saw him as a threat and because he is Larry. Clem threatened Rebecca cause she was acting a bitch to a little girl .

      • Because Lee did something wrong in the past,regret it and Larry still mock him for that.Rebecca did something wrong too (probably regret it) and Clementine threaten him for that.But that's not point in here,people do mistakes let's just forget it.

  • Amazing, wish I'd taken that option instead of just giving her the silent treatment.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    On my first playthrough i told her Luke said i could stay as i was playing a nice and honest Clementine but on my second playthrough i asked who's baby is it and you should be nicer to me, the look on her face is priceless.

  • What if Rebecca was raped? Then wont you guys feel like dicks.

    Also, hi. I'm new to the forums.

    • Holy Fuck?Raped?By the attitude and traits given for Rebecca, if Carver raped her she will rape him back and kill him.You can see she is sensible but with crazy HORMONESSSSS

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      InfiniteDawn BANNED

      If she was raped she wouldn't be angry all the time, she would have been sad and everyone would know that the baby would maybe be Carver's.

  • watching the video of Clem blackmailing her freaks me out. The shot where she is in darkness, her head lowered, and face hidden by her cap is creepy.

    edit: it also makes me think that in that uhhh..'timeline' ? Or however we refer to it, that Rebecca is right saying clem has everyone else fooled etc. It's evil Clem from the darkest timeline D:

  • I didn't threaten Rebecca, since I had the feeling that it would backfire terribly in later episodes in some ways.

    I didn't like the other answers either, so I opted for silence for the first time in all of my Walking Dead playthroughs. I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of some kind of response from Clementine so I ignored her, and the look of utter contempt in Clementine's face as she glares at Rebecca was enough for me.

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