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Night time River walkers

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So walkers don't think, they just go for food. they don't care if they walk into spikes or rip off their limbs but what happened to the walkers that were about to get Clem right before she fell into the river? wouldn't they have followed her and at least one wash up on shore with her?

I also could just be bored and need something to get people talking

  • Walkers can't swim. I'm guessing they followed her in and quickly sank. Not to mention we don't know how far she went down river, the odds of a walker washing up, not before, or after the area she did, but at that exact location are pretty low I would guess.

    • Speaking of which. Did you see the walker trying to cross the river in the mid season finale of the show? I think that's the closest they get to showing walkers messing around w water. I guess there bodies would get mangled up pretty bad too where theyd be even less of a threat.

      sorry tired and Im not sure this makes sense

      • Yeah it makes sense to me lol. Guess that makes a floating city on a river the best ZA survival camp.

        • omg ok so don't judge but there is a pokemon game where one of the towns (pacifidlodge town if I remember right) that was a floating town in the middle of the damn ocean where the people were all acting like country folks. Perfect ZA survival paradise..... but Zombie pokemon lol I love all genres of games no matter how childish or mature

          • I would never judge a pokemon fan :P . Haven't played it in years but that was my freaking childhood lol. Nowadays I just play games with great stories but maybe I should try playing another one sometime. Anyways, I'm not sure if this forum (or its moderators more likely) frowns on getting so far off subject so I will end this conversation with that.

            • they don't care unless it becomes some major debate seeing as how people can now have their own conversations on a single thread without bothering somebody else as I see people talking about other games allllllllllll the time. But I try to grow up but end up going back to those every couple of years. If you like rpgs black and white or x and y are pretty good for pokemon games

          • It was on Pokemon Emerald XD and yeah a pretty good way to survive on the zombie apocalypse

          • It was on Pokemon Emerald XD and yeah a pretty good way to survive on the zombie apocalypse

  • I'm starting to watch the TV show, and I found it odd how the walkers were faster than the game shows them to be and one was even using a rock to break open a window.

    I was talking to a friend and he said that a situation like walkers using the environment to break things doesn't happen past that episode.

    • yeah I got into the show last year waiting between episodes and the first season annoyed me cause im not a fan of running/intelligent zombies. but I think this is fixed once they leave Atlanta. Also I thinik some even tried to climb after him, idk I think im going to watch the first season again over the break just to see the original group once again.

      Oh and Morgans wife knowing where her house was.

  • It seems like walkers are just drawn to whatever's in the immediate area. The river would've taken clem down stream in seconds, no sounds or sight of her and they'd lose interest. I figure one or two might approach the cliff during the event and even fall off, but it all happened in seconds and walkers are slow.

    • lol ok so this is what the walkers are thinking while clem falls in the river "DINNER :) clem falls into river ehh fuck it guys whats lost is lost :("

      if walkers thought of course.

  • The only reason I could think that they didn't follow her is because Winston's body is still lying around. I'm sure once Clem disappeared off that ledge, their attention became fixated onto Winston's corpse. That's what I think anyway :)

  • all I could think of during that scene is wondering how long she was out, lying there, and if no walker on land spotted her on the riverbank. Also that hat must've been on pretty tight all the while..

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