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How old is Clementine in season 2???

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She sounds older in season 2 also I think she is around 10 11 or 12 years old what age do you think she is?

  • 10 not so far to her 11th birthday.

    She turned 9 six days before the end of season 1. Christa was already pregnant. At the start of season 2 Christa is far more along. I'd say about 6 months later. Then the 16 months timejump. Makes if roughly 2 months to Clems birthday. Melissa Hutchison (Clems voice) stated on twitter, that Clem is almost 2 years older than in season 1, which also would make her almost 11 years old.

    There have been people who got Clementine to mention her age to Sarah. I myself did not manage to do so, so I don't know what she actually says. I have read both here in the forum: That she states she 10 years or that she states she is 11 years. My guess is ten.

    Generally speaking it's around her 11th birthday. Shortly before or maybe shortly after.

    • I remember reading something where Melissa Hutchinson actually said she was 11.

      • I would love for someone to tell me, how I get Clementine to tell Sarah her age, that would be an in-game-confirmation, as long as we assume that Clem tells the truth at that point. People said to use the "we're not the same age".option. But then she just says "I'm younger. A lot"

        So how do I do it? Or is it just a rumour (or somebody remembered it wrong?), and there's no way to tell Sarah her age?


    • She is almost 2 years older

      So no yelling please, when you're not even technically right. At best there is contradicting information. If you could provide the quote, where she says "11", then we had a tie between 10 and 11. Until then "10" is winning.

      • There actually was a reply to someone where she actually said "11" besides....9 plus 2 is 11 anyways!

        • Provide a quote please.

          And what part of "almost" is unclear to you? Which coincindentally fits just fine with the math in my first reply. She shortly before her 11th birthday.

          Mathwise: She could also be shortly after. If Christa was really early pregnant in season 1 and ready to pop in season 2. Which I didn't see, but women develop pregnancy-appearances in different speeds. So she could just have turned 11.

          Quotewise: It's my quote ("almost 11") vs. no quote from you.

          • here you go! :) my 11 year old quote confirmed vs. your "almost 11" quote


            there seriously can't be anymore arguing after that!

            • there seriously can't be anymore arguing after that!

              Why? Your quote "wins" because? We have the same source (the voice actress who voices Clementine), who said one time 11 and one time almost 11 ( that means still ten).

              Although like already said twice here: She is more 11 than she is 10 even in my view of things (if you mean how mature she is or how old she biologically is). It's just a technical matter (like I said her "passport-age")

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              Anyone can edit an original comment by right clicking and clicking "Inspect Element" and then just take a picture.

            • I'm posting this just to be annoying, but Clem being 11 in season two is still an accurate statement when she turns eleven in episode two, three, four or five. :)

            • Thats the thing that I read! I knew I wasnt imagining it.

      • To be fair, I do remember somebody posting a photo of a facebook reply by Melissa saying she was 11. But that was awhile ago and I have no idea where it is.

        • YEAH that was the one I was talking about see! But I will provide it to stop this nonsense!

        • I think we agree, that she's about 11. I think shortly before her birthday. Others think shortly after. For the story that's accurate enough. That's also a way MelyHutch could have answered. "How old is she?"-"About 11" Even if she was technically still 10. That's why I would love the quote to see the context.

          Like I said above she is about 11. Way closer to 11 than 10 if you want her physical age (10th birthday long gone, 11th birthday close (or possible shortly gone)). If you want the age in her passport I would bet on 10 until proven otherwise.

          Anybody seen the "I am x years old"-line in-game? That would be the easiest way to solve her passport-age.

          • I don't think she ever says how old she is in the game. Not sure who would say that. All she says is "A lot younger then you"

            • Like I said, I read it here in this forum. One time the person said, she states she is 10. The other time another person said, she says she's 11.

              So I don't know. I myself have tried some different ways of approaching Sarah and didn't see such a line of text.

    • Sadly that doesn't add up. 400 days is nowhere near two years. Although I do think Melissa got that mixed up because of the 400 days of the DLC. So I take that part as "she didn't actually mean 400 days. The 16 months alone are 480 days.

      And math is a powerful thing. To really get Clem to after her birthday we need 24 months. Do we agree on that? We have 16 explicitly stated. So we need 8 more.

      That would be possible if Christa's pregnancy was really really fresh in season 1. To me it seemed like it was more than just 2 weeks of pregnancy, but granted we have no hard evidence on that. And in season two she would have been very shortly before birth. She didn't seem to me to be popping any second.

      So I'm standing with math-wise 10 is more probable (11 not impossible). Quotewise we have a tie. And the thing we agree on (I think?) is that it's around her birthday.

      (Did Melissa delete that? Is it findable apart from an image? I don't find it? Maybe she realized she was "wrong"?)

      edit: Remembering how TTG sort of screwed up her age already one time in the first season, where she is in the first grade and turns 9 about 3 months later, it is possible that TTG says she is 11, without regarding the math. For all intents and purposes "She's 11" works better than "She's 10" because she is closer to 11 than 10 in any way you watch it, except the technicality.

      • simmer down dude! besides her response to mine is longer and mathematical. yours is short...sorry nothing you can do

        • besides her response to mine is longer and mathematical

          Sadly the math is wrong. You know you can do math yourself, right? just turned 9 + 400 days is nowhere near 11. Sorry nothing you can do.

          You can't use the "math" in that response as argument that it's more correct, if the math itself is wrong. And I granted (three times now) that "She' 11" is closer to the truth than "she's 10" in any way, other than her passport.

          About the "simmering": I react more strongly because you came yelling into that thread. An with "end of discussion". That just doesn't fly well with me.

          • Her age doesn't matter! Hell, she seems to be older and way more mature then 15 year old Sarah!

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            InfiniteDawn BANNED

            Melissa states that the game picks up 400 days AFTER season 1. Which isn't true, and I show how it isn't.

            3 months in the apocalypse Clementine turns 9. 6 days later season 1 ends. = 96 days. 6 months later (estimation due to Christa's pregnancy) is where Season 2's intro begins. 6 months = 180 days + 96 = 276 days in. (Clementine is still 9). 16 month time skip = 480 days + 276 = 756 days in - 90 days (when she was still 8 years old, we need to take out 90 days) = 666 days = 1 year 8 months. Clementine is 10 and is either 1, 2, 3 or 4 months shy of her birthday. (Depending on the months of Christa's pregnancy (6 months and up))

            The math might not be correct, but it's just a calculation.

  • Thanks for all your comments man i did not think i would get so much lol

  • she's about to turn 11

    if not they're missing out on a great birthday moment

    at least a "of course this has to happen on my birthday."

  • ok we all should stop. Clementine is more mature than us ! lets forget this!

  • For all intents and purposes, she's 11 give or take.

  • Most people say she's around 11 but many sources like the The Walking Dead wiki claim she's 10. But I have a feeling that sooner or later in Season 2 she will turn 11.

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