• A very paranoid and cautious man, really. He was a bit brash about how he did it, but he was protecting his group and his daughter. Let me compare it to the murder of Larry in the freezer- Kenny (and Lee, depending on your choice) smashed his head to mush to protect themselves and their group. Would you want to be trapped in a house with a walker? I think we're supposed to view him as an asshole at this point, and I have a feeling that will come into play later.

  • totally understandable reaction, to a point.
    If I try to imagine myself in a similar situation, and also having an, argueably, slightly simple minded/ naieve young daughter (although this hasn't been established) and a very varied group to look after, I'd prefer to lock her in an outside shed also.
    Also the shed was relatively safe from walkers, and suited to keep one in if turned.

    Then again, my conscience would come into play and I probably would have lots of difficulty wrapping my head around actually locking a wounded young girl into a shed, however giving a person the benefit of the doubt in this particular case can be lethal.

    All in all, depending on the past situations encountered with the group and structure of it, I likely would've done the same as Carlos.

  • Would you have invited the girl that shot Omid into the house? She was just a kid too.
    There's no reason for the group to trust Clem.

    I would have probably brought her a blanket or something though. :)

  • It is understanble to be cautious in such situation (it's the zombie apocalypse after all). However, I still don't like it. Keeping her in locked up in a shed, all alone like that, just to save some bandages and a few drops of antiseptic on the wound. He could still treat the wound and left her to her chances, that'd be much more humane. BUT I'm sure their initial mistrust has to do something with the past of the group that will discover in later episodes.

  • I want to add, another reason for keeping Clementine even when you can have insist on being let go - they believe you might be with "Carver", so they had more than one reason for locking you up.

    As for viewing him as an asshole, I don't get that sense. Everyone one of them says something you would find a little "objectionable" from Clementine's point of view: Luke treats Clementine a bit poorly when Luke finds out she was bitten (but not by what), Pete recommends to cut her arm off, Nick immediately wants to shoot her (even though he regretted it later), Alvin was wishy-washy (even though he really wanted to help), and Rebecca is a general pain in the butt.

    Rebecca obviously isn't thinking straight - she's letting her emotions get the best of her. Nick let his emotions get to him, but he regretted it. Pete and Luke (and Alvin, though much less committed) seem to want to keep Clem alive, even though they a little wary themselves.

    Carlos, unlike the rest of the group, was thinking in cold calculating terms. First, he could determine the source of the bite. Clementine says it's a dog bite. If it was a walker bite, the choice would have been obvious - you cut the arm off. But if she insisted it was a dog bite, then she can have the benefit of the doubt - somewhere locked up and away, to wait until time passes. If it was a walker bite, he can't waste resources on her.

    Under the circumstances, he did the best he could. He didn't seem too angry that Clementine actually took supplies (except for manipulating his daughter, but that's another topic), considering that, she wasn't actually bitten by a walker AND she needed it. In fact, none of the others seem to broken up about the used supplies (considering there was a good chance, if she wasn't bitten by a walker, they would have used it on her anyway).

    In any case, Carlos is not a very emotional person - except about his daughter. I doubt he will be a problem unless something comes up with his daughter.

  • Doesn't matter what he did, he gave Clem a death sentence. I think that if you hear them talking in the kitchen, Carlos says that Clem's wound will infect and she will be dead by morning. Carlos knew this perfectly well, being a doctor, and was still gonna let Clem die and rot. I surely know, I hate Carlos by now.

  • An old fashioned field trip dad

  • Friendly reminder to watch the spoilers in your thread title. :)

  • I felt that it was completely unnecessary to lock a child in a dirty shed and not treat the wound. Being a doctor he should have known that an untreated wound that big would cause an infection and a fever anyway, be it a walker bite or not, which would make his fail-safe plan redundant unless that's the outcome he wanted in the first place.

    Granted I'm be biased because we playing as the said child and not as someone from the group, but she had a lot happen to her in a single day (barring Omid's death in the beginning due to being several months ago) and locking her up in the shed with no help was the final straw for me.

    In the end, I guess there's no right or wrong way of dealing with the situation, considering what the apocalypse can bring out in people, especially the kids.

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