Clementine's Pain Sounds

Okay, as a 90's kid (I'm 26), I've slowly adjusted to the fact that the "good" games that come out now-a-days feature some degree of realistic violence, which may include torture and gore. Back in "the day," you could find quality RPGs and adventure games that focused on a plot point and used "content flags" like sex, violence, and foul language either in moderation or not at all while still maintaining an awesome story.

Now that times have changed, video graphics have improved, and people's appetite for realism and sensationalism have escalated, it's getting harder and harder to find a game in this genre with a good balance of graphics, plot development, and character development below an "M" rating, and I accept that. The very nature of this particular series is - itself - violent and bloody.

But seriously Telltale. The scene involving a child having to suture herself was a bit over the top. Not only does the player have to take control of the scene with every painful moment, but it's shown up close and with extreme detail.

Hey, there's a plus side to this - besides the subliminal advertising for Pizza Hut. If you ignore the scene in front of you for a moment and listen only to the audio, a different visual begins to form in your mind. I'm not sure WHAT the voice actor was doing during this scene (or even if the voice clips came from a Telltale studio, wink), but I'm going to recommend to my fellow gamers that they keep the speaker volume low. You wouldn't want an awkward conversation with anyone else in the house later!



  • Are you serious?!

  • You are a fucking idiot and a douchebag.

  • personally I think Melissa didn't an excellent job trying to translate pain into recording.
    This would be our male associative thinking at work.
    Ever watch a female tennis match? same thing...

  • What kind of people do you live with if just ordinary screams of pain from a child don't lead to awkward conversations?

  • WTF?!? Lol this thread. Are you serious? But seriously a person in the orgasm mind state would only think she's having one. She was in pain. My Clem was drinking the juice box Alvin gave me. She said it was sublime and full of Riboflavin :). Maybe you was watching porn before playing this episode, so that's why you were able to know what an orgasm sounds like...

  • keep the speaker volume low

    Despite this Discussion being pure and utter nonsense, I have to agree with the above quote.

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    but I'm going to recommend to my fellow gamers that they keep the speaker volume low. You wouldn't want an awkward conversation with anyone else in the house later!

    you know... there is an item called the headphone,you should buy that.

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    also,stop saying you were heavily associated with the 90's.

    you merely adopt the 90's...

    Alt text

    I on the other hand was born in it,molded by it.

  • Changed the thread title... not that it would make the thread SO MUCH better...

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    No really. Are you serious?

  • they'll think he's getting buttraped

  • What if you had to do something just as painful to make you make the same pain noise? Now imagine if there is someone just in the next room, what do you think they will think is happening?

  • I'm fairly sure this can be filed as sexual harassment, considering you just sexualized a ten year old girl's pain sounds to be something entirely different. Telltale was only reinforcing that the zombie apocalypse blows, and if you or your family isn't mature enough to handle that, well, it's right there on the label - rated M.

  • Or, perhaps they'll acknowledge that your voice acting, given the "someone in the next room," is right next to a sound booth.

  • I dont get what you mean. What visual? Are you trying to imply something sexual with that wink?

  • The idea of a sexual innuendo is completely idiotic, but I do have to say on a personal note that I think the scene over-played the gore a bit to much. Even when another character is slowly ripped apart by zombies it doesn't go into near that much detail. "But she is the PC so it's different," yes it is, but to me it was still more horrific than it needed to be to successfully pass the idea that sewing your arm would be very painful.

  • Sexual harassment! Guilty as charged.

    What's your name, sweetie? ;) holla

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    Sorry, I had something in my eye while I was writing the post and didn't feel like rubbing it with my hand because I had just got done eating garlic bread and didn't want the salt or grease to get in my eye.

  • Those groans, whimpering, and momentary scream that came from my bedroom at 11 PM? Voice acting.

  • Blast you and your mod-centric sanitation techniques. That was half the fun, dammit! ;D

  • I viewed Clementine as a naive, know-nothing character in Season 1. Apparently 16 months (or whatever the time period was) later, she's now skilled enough to be a total badass and manipulative of others - if I want her to be. ;-) I like the new badass Clementine.

    Just as I was building a connection to the character, there came that painful scene where I had to sow what looked like pizza dough over pizza sauce.

    I PLEAD INSANITY. It must be a psychological defense mechanism.

  • her pain sounds sound like someone in pretty terrible pain. You're just a pathetic loser.

  • I'm guessing most of the people still not "getting it" probably had to Google the word "orgasm" (from the original thread title) in order to understand what the word meant. That Van person probably did the right thing updating the thread title. rofl

  • I had someone try to say that I was an 80's kid because I was born in '87.

    Round up, dammit. lol

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    Oh ok. In that case:

  • 90s bitch, u hear me?! u are fucking STUPID STUPID ,

    translate urself :D

  • Now now.
    When someone does a well enough job of making themselves look silly there's no reason to call them names.

  • Most of the people still not "getting it" probably don't associate the agonized cries of an 11 year old girl with the word "orgasm." Those would be the people whose names don't appear next to yours on the FBI watch list.

  • I don't know why your downvoting him. My brother walked into my room asking me if I was watching a prono when clem was making her pain noises. Its sort of how if you listen to some scenes in dbz from another room it sounds like a gay porn..

  • Sometimes I wish I would explain myself properly on what I tried to say, but from what I've seen in the past comments, I'm just gonna let it go...

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    "suture herself was a bit over the top. "

    ITT: Troll OP misses the whole point. "Telltale please fix, can't stitch while hard"

    Also, when I close my eyes, it sounds like someone in pain. So maybe that's why she is not returning your calls.

  • Having a dirty mind is forgivable. Extremely inappropriate given the context of this particular scene, but forgivable.

    Proudly posting the products of your dirty mind on the official forums of the game you're perverting and then chiding other users for not sharing your same dirty train of thought is fucking stupid.

  • C'mon, every anime is worse than Clementine's pain sounds in terms of awkwardness.

  • "Hard to stitch up the arm"

    Stop it, you'll be making the OP feel uncomfortable. He might think you got some sort of extra BDSM fetish.

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    Here pain sounds were very realistic. I almost felt the pain too.

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    Oh thank you, I edited my post. ;)

  • Really? Because if I had to do that to my own arm Id probably be screaming more. I think an 11 year old doing that to herself with no anesthetic or at least a rag to bite on was appropriately horrible enough.

  • Ha ha. I was joking though.

    Now this thread is just "ridicule the OP".

  • It was more the zooming in and pulling the needle through.. what, 8 times? (4 in 4 out)

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