• WHAT!!! don't do drugs mmm'kay.

    • How is it an unacceptable theory? It's entirely possible. It could be an undead Kenny or Lilly, Clementine could of thought they was dead.. as in permanent and not expected them to be a walker. They don't have to be "alive". I'm pretty sure Michonne isn't the only person in the entire world who has thought to use portable walkers as a deterrent. Also South Park references aren't a variable argument I'm afraid.

      • Undead Lee is unlikely. Because, people had a choice to make sure it will never happen at the end of S1 EP5. Even if they did leave him behind without shooting him, Lee was left in Savannah, I don't think Walkers like to travel much.

        • This is going by the theory that Clementines shot missed or didn't completely hit the head of course.
          And the walker didn't have to travel taht far, simply the survivors did.
          As stated above, we don't know how far THEY personally travelled. So it opens up the possibility it can be a walker of someone dear to clementine she thought was finished off or in no capable position to become a walker of course, they dont HAVE to be alive.

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