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If you wanted to contribute a character to The Walking Dead Game. Who would it be?
Now don't get me wrong this isn't like last seasons preorder the game and get entered to be a walker or the victim by submitting your picture. Posting your character in this thread gives telltale 100% permission to use it and has a less then 0.000000001% chance they will. But think of it this way if you pitch a character here. And in a future episode they have a character similar to yours you can subconciously feel they were listening to your ideas. Also this is not a "Rick Grimes" "Daryl Dixon" type who would you like to see.

My friend Zgamer's character is a twenty something mormon missionary whose struggling to keep his faith even as the world falls apart around him in this new world order. {in both a fanfiction on fanfiction.net and in the RP we started back before season 2 released PM me if you'd like to join}

My character in the RP is a bisexual less mean version caucasian version of Rebecca {before the reboot she was pregnant in the new RP she's not] I wouldn't include her in the game because in the RP she's a bit too creepy also there's a few too many ties to season 1 including Jenny Pitcher.

The Character I would like to include in the game can be any gender, any age, even any personality really. But what would define them is their basement or building. It's full of drivers license photos, pictures, and articles about people. Filing cabinets contain papers with information about people. This character, while scavenging kills walkers and finds out about them and "archives" them. Sure they might not be able to give a full life history but they can profile aspects. "Well this walker was wearing a sports jersey, his wallet contained a picture of his wife and child, and his has 9 out of ten punches on his denny's card." and puts that into the file. A sort of archivist trying to perserve the memories of the dead. Although admittedly anyone who breaks into their house would probably think it was a serial killer shrine at first. That is who i'd like to see in the game.

Who would you?


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    okay,I love to play with my imagination...

    my character is a motocross athlete.his body is tall & lean,white pale skin with spikey black hair,a mixture of asian & caucasian in his mid 20's,he just finished a tour when the outbreak happened.realized that his home is likely to be devastated,he continued to move north,just like everyone else.he travel with his motorcycle.constantly switching route between towns and woods,scavenging preserved foods on the way to trade it with fuel.he rather hunting or fishing to feed himself.his weapons consist of variety of his bike repair tools.such as wrench,crowbar,screwdriver,etc.he also carry a firearm which he found in an abandoned gun shop.which is kriss vector smg,a versatile gun in both foot or mounted combat.he wear a motorcycle riding armor to protect his body from every walker bite,although he try his best to keep away from it

  • My character is cool, intelligent music star. Ripped as hell. Best zombie killer, his guitar transforms into mighty axe or machine gun. Every group wants him to be their leader. Chicks love him.

  • My character is a guy that lost everyone he loved. He thinks feelings make you weak when you're out on your own , so he tries to go with his instincts rather than feelings. He's a lonely guy , even tho he would like to find a group he thinks it's too dangerous. He puts his life in front of anything , so in desperate times he'd kill anybody merciless. My character is a heartless survivor pretty much ... He's not trying to harm anyone , he's just trying to survive , hoping that one day things will finally be different.

  • I really hope telltale would read my character idea :p

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    okay,I love to play with my imagination... my character is a motocross athlete.his body is tall & lean,white pale skin with s

  • Maybe a guy who doesn't make an effort to socialize with people are seeing so many people die before him. Okay idea.

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