• I was wondering the same thing. I refused his apology, in the sense that, he'll have to earn it first. I think most people play by the "be nice to everyone," rule.

  • I can forgive anyone if they really have the good intention and not doing the same mistake ever again,and that means I won't give them another chance in case they ruined it

  • I only accepted it since in my play through Rebecca caused Nick to misfire so I just took my hate out onto Rebecca.

  • And what good would refusing his apology do, really? Clem is clearly incapable of either executing any sort of revenge (aside from no helping) or surviving single-handed in the wilds. And it's not like „HUMPF!, I say you I haven't forgotten!” sulking would really be interesting to watch / would hurt Nick.

    I accepted it. Those are just words and I need nick & his band more than they need me. But I still helped Pete over Nick for the very reason Nick almost shot me.

    • Refusing it, I'm sure Nick understands why. Like I said, In the ZA you can't just be nice to everybody, that will get you killed, most people don't care how nice you are. You have to be cold sometimes, just to survive.

      • Oh, of this I am sure. I even blackmailed Rebecca about her baby!

        I would have been not very nice to Nick if I had some leverage to actually gain an upper hand over him. But I didn't have any. Best I could do is telling him I hate him, I don't trust him, etc. - which wouldn't really do anything much to hurt Nick, wouldn't do much to alleviate my irritation and certainly wouldn't help Clem.

        The best asset Clementine IMHO has is that she's a little girl, which gets her some empathy. Playing on other people's sympathy for her is one of the key to her survival and you can't really put that off if you show your disdain for the members of group.

    • I disagree that not accepting his apology immediately transitions to seeking revenge. Its just as much seeking detachment or disengaging from the party, especially since there's others present for the apology. Socially someone that uncomfortable and others knowing would seek to separate them from one another on tasks if possible from mutual understanding. IE: I doubt Luke would opt to have Nick take care of Clem if she's unnerved by him, he may do it himself. While if she's cool with him, Luke might find its less important and relegate the task to Nick with equal importance.

      I do respect your reasoning for accepting it though as it makes sense (especially with the helping Pete choice you did later), just not the automatic assumption that not granting forgiveness translates to revenge. Though in your example the Pete and Nick choice was significantly different and much more even rather than overwhelming majority, so while that reason tailored well to you it doesn't seem to tailor well to the rest necessarily. But then that situation is rather abrupt and comes later, so that could explain that one.

      • Yeah. But I don't view the Clem as the one to react emotionally to this kind of situation. Not after all this time. Remember how in EP 1 Larry almost didn't kill Duck over the thought he was bitten? Remember how Kenny killed Larry, remember how Lilith killed Carley/Doug, etc.?

        It's quite a lot of such experiences. IMHO Clem had the time to realize that people with guns aren't necessarily joking: and hey, if e.g. tensions alike those from Long Road Ahead happen again, Clem isn't gonna defend herself single-handed. (and Rebecca's sure to cast some stones at her!)

        She may have grudge at Nick within her but should observe that he's one of the gunholders (I mean, Rebecca, Alvin, etc. aren't normally seen with guns – Pete and Nick are) and therefore a dangerous foe or a good ally should it ever come to Lilly's style accusations. And that doesn't mean she would necessary forgive him – but she clearly needs him more than he needs her, so she can hide some grudge. She had a few situations in which she could exercise 8)

        (All would have been different if I planned to split with them, OFK)

  • Strategically, no...it gains you nothing but a sore nick. I refused simply on what I would do in real life. As a matter of pride...NO! I wouldn't forgive someone for damn near murdering me when I needed him/her most on a REALLY bad guess. They'd have to earn my forgiveness....not just say "my bad," less than 2 hours later..

    • I think this is probably key to why I don't understand, so I appreciate it. I guess its how you approach it. I kind of feel like I 'method act it' as the person rather than seeking strategy. I'm not saying Clementine is an emotional brat-- if you don't accept the apology, she's actually rather mature about it and expresses concern about his recklessness being frightening. (Though there are other ways to approach not accepting too.)

      Mine more or less wanted an earning of forgiveness, not this "Well I almost murdered you a sec ago but bygones be bygones". Strategic makes sense, I just don't feel its Clem in this specific example, let alone that fast or that quick when it concerns her life. But maybe other people do.

  • I think with all she's gone through Clem understands that good people can do bad things.
    Heck, her best friend was a convicted murderer.

  • As someone above me said. Forgive but never forget.

    • See? Now that to me that doesn't translate as TRUE forgiveness. Forgiveness means wiping the slate clean and starting anew. Remembering what he did and always having your suspicions about that person doesn't ACTUALLY mean forgiveness. I Never understood why people use that saying...it should be more like, "Say you accept their apology, but always remember deep down that their an asshole."

      • Yeah... Forgiveness doesn't mean 'Lord it over them later'. Its supposed to be closure. x_x

        • It's closure for the other person

          EDIT: Doesn't necessarily have to mean closure for myself..

          • Closure for both parties, I reckon. As long as there is still some ill-will lingering for either party, true forgiveness can't be given.

            • Yeah, but considering the situation Clementine is in, I'd say it doesn't matter, as long as Nick is happy. Happy Nick = Less chance of him being a danger to Clementine or any other group member for that matter.

              • Yeah, thats true. I thought the opposite too...I was worried by accepting his apology, the game would "interpret" it as, i want to get close to him and trust him. The game doesn't know WHY we chose what we did. So, I did it because I want the game to know I don't like him and I dont want clem to get close to him.

  • I was really worried that Nick would turn out to be the kind of person to get someone from the group killed. I gave him an apology so I could sort of appease him, and hope that he doesn't go off on a group member.

  • I accepted his apology on my first playthrough because it was an accident, he didn't mean to fire the gun. I've just nicknamed him triggerfinger to make up for it. d:

    Now, Rebecca, that is a peson I'll be a complete asshole to. If you want to talk about not forgiving someone, Rebecca was pushing so hard for killing Clementine, and after she doesn't get her way, she is the only one who seems to have issues with Clementine staying for a while(Unless you piss Carlos off, then he doesn't like Clem much either). I've gotta say blackmailing Rebecca is fun, after how she acts. I didn't do it on my main playthrough, but I did try it and laughed my ass off.

    Also, did it ever occur to the people complaining about the choice of forgiving him that maybe Clementine would want to forgive him just to get on friendly terms? I saw some complaining about forgiving him just to make him like Clementine more because it might save or help her some time, but don't you think maybe Clementine would be inclined to forgive him for a similar reason? Especially if she plans to stay with them. Forgive the person who accidentally almost killed you, since it was an accident and you aren't dead, and have him on your side in the future.

    • Sure, if you're thinking game or character wise, forgiveness would be the best option. I base my decisions on what I would do in real life...so a bit of me transfers over to Clem. And, never know, if Clem is a proud survivor weary of trusting others, maybe she actually WOULD refuse his apology.

  • The way I saw it, if it hadn't been for his group, Clem would have already been torn apart by walkers in the woods. Furthermore, this being 2 years into the apocalypse, I fully expected any group of survivors I came across to be super-aggro and not give any fucks whether or not I was a little girl. So while his actions were hugely dickish, I was pretty much expecting anyone I came across to act like that if not worse so I guess I just wasn't that bothered by it. When he shot at me, my thought process was less "You fucker! How could you do that?!" and more "Jesus Christ! I'm not a threat to you!" They had already saved my life and I was completely at their mercy, so I didn't really feel like I was in any sort of position to hold grudges.

    • Clem owes her life to Pete and luke, She doesn't owe Nick, Carlos or any of the others anything. If not for Pete and Luke, clem would be dead. If Clem had stayed in the shed and couldn't break out, the whole group would be responsible for her death. Also...Nick almost shot clem's damn face off. The way I see it, Clem doesn't owe anyone anything.

      • But they didn't leave her in the shed til morning. After the meeting they all came to the shed. I'm guessing they decided to help her out afterall.

      • Eh, it was a group decision, and the majority of the group decided to put her somewhere where she couldn't attack them if she turned into a walker, just for one night. Honestly, I don't think Clementine would have died had she stayed in the shed. The would was bad but infection doesn't really kill someone in one day. I still think her actions of stealing supplies from them and stitching her arm her self instead of waiting for them to help her were justified actions, because she may have stopped the would from getting infected and possibly killing her. Or she may have lost her arm or something. But I don't think one day with an untreated wound would be too bad with a professional doctor and medical supplies around.

      • At that point in the game, I was treating the group as a whole since I really didn't know anyone there and they were deciding what to do with me collectively. It's true that Clem doesn't owe her life to anyone but Pete and Luke, but she was still an outsider who was saved by the actions of members of the group, so I felt it was appropriate for me to be passive and placating when dealing with the group and give them a much wider berth than I would have otherwise.

        I'm certainly not saying that Nick had any right to do what he did, only that it's hard for me to be angry about being mistreated when I had just been saved from being eaten alive moments before. And having been through what she's been through, I feel like Clem's humanity bar was sufficiently lowered to the point where she was just glad they weren't psychos, rapists, or cannibals. Nick was willing to suck it up and offer up an earnest apology for being an aggressive prick. I think Clem would find it in her heart to forgive him.

        • Yeah, after not expecting any form of apology from him I was surprised when it didn't take long for Nick to try and make amends, so I saw no reason to try and make enemies.

          A lot of the group may act out of line, but Clem could have ended up with worse people.

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