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BADASS Kenny Art Collection

posted by Omid on - last edited - Viewed by 24.5K users

What are your hopes for Kenny in S2? How do you want him to appear? Say? Look? I hope he is badass with an eyepatch sort of like this picture I drew (with a badass shark tooth necklace, of course)

If he even appears, what do you hope? Post your predictions and theories below :)

If you would like to draw your Kenny in Season 2, post it here and I'll add it to the end :)

My Season 2 Kenny Drawings (Omid)

Alt text

Alt text

Make a Kenny Season 2 request and I might just draw it (If I have the time and like the idea.)

Other Forum User's Drawings

Alt text

By thestalkingdead

Alt text

By darnitben

Alt text

By Cactus_Sauce

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