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Telltale: The lack of interaction is troubling.

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No, not in the game, but on these very forums.

Telltale, on one hand I don't want to say these things because of the quality of the games you put out, but here I feel something needs to be said.

To begin with, we have all noticed the delay of episode 2. This, while annoying, is manageable. We appreciate that, especially at the beginning of a series, you need to put in extra work to bring everything to the incredibly high standard of episode one. This is, in my opinion, fine.

Something that isn't fine, however, is the lack of interaction with your fans about this issue. Instead of discussing it with us, telling us what the problem was or - heck - maybe even apologising, you have barely shed any light on the issue since one blog post, and even that just said when we will get new information and didn't state 1) Why there was a delay or 2) Whether this same wait can be expected for other episodes.

Instead we were treated to two images seemingly intended to induce speculation or hype, but really just felt like a slap in the face. Two pictures after a two month wait.

A two-month wait during which even then you didn't communicate with us and give us even a rough eta or progress update.

Let me re-iterate that delaying your game is absolutely fine, but refusing to talk about it with your customer base, a portion of which purchased Season passes, I might add, and almost ignoring that it is a problem is never going to sort things out. You've seen how many 'dislikes' you got on that blog post, you know that the community isn't thrilled about these events. Even the moderators have expressed surprise that you haven't explained things or apologised.

So come talk to us

Simply seeing a human face from Telltale explain what exactly has happened would put a lot of minds at ease, especially minds who already bought episode 2 with the season pass.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy New Year! :)

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    It's fine if you guys want to vent, but just as a warning, please keep personal insults out of this thread (and other threads for that matter).

    Not only is it rude, but it is against the Forum Guidelines

    1.1 R-E-S-P-E-C-T! We're all here to have fun, so be cool to each other. Always behave respectfully towards other community members, moderators and Telltale team members. Insults, hate speech, platform wars… leave it out. If you feel especially slighted by another forum member, use the "Flag" button to report their comments to moderators instead of shooting back!

    If somebody insults you, please PM a mod instead of stooping to their low and arguing back.

    Thank you to those of you who have stayed on topic and brought up constructive points.

  • Obviously they don't give a sheet about fans... But they should release Ep. 2 as soon as possible otherwise people are gonna freak out even more then they freak out now.Hoping it will be Early Jan,Because I want to see what happens next -,-

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    fusedmass BANNED

    They have check these forums, even if they lurk. Why else, would they spend a ton of money to upgrade it. I know their working on Walking Dead and Wolf Among us, yet their twitter feed is on fire. Every time some random generic review who most of us don't know, they re-tweeted.

    They spend more time interacting in two days on twitter, then they do in four months on their official forums.

  • I sort of just forget about Telltale now in between episodes until I get an E-Mail from them about an episode release, or I see it on Giant Bomb or Kotaku....

    The problem is (from the perspective of someone who has been buying from TTG from the very beginning), is that things used to be very different on the site - there was lots of regular involvement from the devs & from their community managers etc., but around the time of the Universal licenses (JP & BTTF), Telltale's attitude towards their own site changed - wheras previously information would come steadily through the forums & the blog regularly, any real information would now come from seemingly either Game Informer or IGN - and I get that it's about building their brand, but I do wish they would remember from time to time that they used to value their community here much, much more than they do now.

    I'm actually trying to think now of the last time an episode release date was announced on the Telltale site first - and from memory, I reckon it would be around "Tales From Monkey Island" or possibly "The Devil's Playhouse" - either way, it's been quite a while since TTG self-promoted through their own website exclusively - it's a bummer, but it's also just a reality that I now expect...

  • Well obviously the delay of EP 2 was because S2 of the Walking dead but I think they should devide their team into 2, working separately on the games so that none of the games are dependable on the other.Also I think that TWAU is far supperior to the Walking dead where the biggest choises were do I pet my kid or do I feed fatguy, or do I chop my arm off and at the end of season 1 none of those mattered, most of the choises are like meaningless everyday choises which don't come in play after, and the story of TWD is mediocre at best.I prefer TWAU for better beause the story is really good and I hope they give us update on the game soon.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      They shouldn't have taken our money, if things were this bad. On a game that prides itself on moral choices. This is a moral choice. Don't release a season, unless you can do it effectively. They were happy to take our money, since then Wolf Among Us was discounted, given away for free. As person mentioned above. Since they're games have gotten more popular, the less time they spend with the community. Isn't that a giant shame.

      I guess people do start to act differently once they become a success. I really hope they continue to make good games. That's really only thing stopping them from becoming a bad company. Is there a customer support phone number, no. Is there interaction from Dev's. Not really. The only things are the games.

    • Ikr. Let's say it's superior already

  • Thank you for this thread. As much as I enjoyed the Walking Dead Season 1 (despite the hideous, and somewhat depressing, plot rail roading) I was very reluctant to get involved in any other Telltale Games products given the terrible customer service I experienced during the game. I get that problems arise and delays happen, but simply talking about them a little would have helped alleviate my frustration a great deal.

    As it was, I was a European PS3 user, so not only did I get the games late I got not apologies and no explanation. As I bought the season pass this was doubly frustrating - I couldn't simply write off episode one and buy in on the 360 or PC. Any messages I sent, via any media to Telltale, were summarily ignored.

    I was really hoping things had improved, as both the Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead Season 2 interest me. Since they have not I won't buy any more Telltale products. Maybe I'll swing back next year, see if they've decided that customer interaction needs to be a part of there business plan, but even with £400 a month disposable income right now, I simply have better things to spend my money on. Frankly, I felt like they took my money and didn't care last time - so this time I won't give them my money and not care myself.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    Hi guys! Telltale community person here, just catching up after the holiday period.

    Please be assured that the team is hard at work on Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us (devs were working through the holidays!), and we'll have further news as it becomes available. We know you're waiting eagerly, and really appreciate your patience as we work to get the next chapter to you!

    • Good to hear. Thanks for letting us know.

      Although 'as it becomes available' sounds less promising than the 'very soon' which was promised in December :p

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        puzzlebox Telltale Staff

        People have been hating on use of the word "soon"... trying to use some alternatives. ;)

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          fusedmass BANNED

          With all due respect. I'm curious Puzzlebox, if it's delayed to a glitch, or some software. Why not just say that. If you did, we would openly embrace that and wait with paitence. A month ago, you said you were in polishing stage. Is there anyway we can get any details, so we're not constantly expecting it to be released soon.

          Just a tiny, tiny drop of information of state of game, is all we need.

        • instead of trying new alternatives how about you speed up the production and release the 2nd episode yeah?

        • i know when it comes to companies, they are very secretive of their business, but when a majority of your fanbase is downright pissed and dissapointed in your lack of communication and reassurance, it wouldnt hurt to be honest and state why this wait is so darn long

        • It isn't the word 'soon' that people hate on so much as the context in which the word 'soon' is used. 'Soon' is used as a way of interacting with the community in a way which is pretty much void of any actual content, offering no actual details and leaving everyone in the dark. It's generic PR stuff which comes across as more dismissive than comforting. I mean, with all due respect, in your post above you told us:

          1) The team is working hard on Episode 2

          2) Developers were working through the holidays

          3) There is no further news

          The first one isn't news; it's what people are probably expecting, and certainly no game developer is about to announce 'Sorry, guys, our developers are slacking off big time.' The second is kinda news, and I appreciate the dedication, but it still feels largely like filler interaction.

          What people are asking for is honesty and substantial interaction. The second episode has either been delayed or Telltale has a much longer development schedule now for episodes. We assume the first, but we the customers don't know because Telltale isn't saying anything beyond the generic 'soon' and synonyms for it. After having been told the next update will be in early january, we're now moving on to January 6th without so much as a word beyond the generic info you just gave us.

          Not blaming you for the situation, as I would expect you're operating under constraints as to what you can and can't say. But whoever over at Telltale has decided that the best way to treat your customers and soothe ill feelings from an obvious delay is to act like nothing is wrong and pretend your customers don't exist between episodes needs a crash course in basic public relations.

          • You hit the nail on the head with that one masamune. +1 - Big part of the problem right there.. Not all of it.. As there is also just a lack of professional foresight and forward planning.. Otherwise there wouldn't be a delay, or at least, very minor.. Especially if that one comment I read about when they actually started this is all true.. it was in another topic.. I think the episode info/discussion thread

    • So the update isn't the release?

    • Thanks for the cliche update...

      • They've been doing this through the holidays. That's news. I hope people feel bad about whining now too. Jobs during holidays must be annoying. This answers somequestions

        • Working through the holidays is nothing to be in awe about. Myself and millions of others have to do it, and yes it does suck. On the other hand, I expect them to be working on an episode that's approaching the 3 month mark. It would of also been nice to know why its taking this long, but I know that isn't happening.

          • I didn't say in awe. I mean people have been saying they doubt they've been bothering with it over the holidays yet they did. Agreed though they could just tell us. It's not like people would complain about the reason

    • Thanks for the update about an update puzzle...............................

      Is anyone else having a case of Deja Vu? .......

  • As soon as information is available... What does that mean?
    You have no information? You are told not to provide any?
    I think the fans on your website would be more receptive if you could share any information at all on the delay.
    Is this the "after the holiday update" because it's just about as relevant as the last one....
    You have to realize this silence about the long wait does not reflect well on the TT brand at a time you are getting set to start two big licensed projects. The free episode and discount season are just another kick in the nuts to the people who bought them at launch and have been checking here religiously for something on episode 2. Where is the love for the people who bought the game on release because TT made it?

  • Hey!! Dont fret, because its the 5th of January, and Telltale specifically stated that their next update on TWAU would be in EARLY January. Woohoo!! i hope they offer discounted season pass to compensate for this wait......

  • A reason why Telltale didn't release it in December could have been because of Twd 2. I understand how a company wouldn't want to release two games at the same time. However, I still think Telltale should give us more updates.

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