• The infection.

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    The dog bite would probably have given her a fever and they would have assumed it was the onset of a walker bite infection and killed her before she had chance to turn.

  • Mmm worst than an infection? She would have died with an infection or at least lost her arm, that´s pretty bad I think. An option to stay in the hut it´s the same as an option to drown in the river, I don´t know why anybody would want stupid options like those

  • An option to stay in the shed would have only led to Nick putting a bullet in her head the next morning when the infection had set in. Why give the player an option that only leads to a game over screen?

    • Haha, funny you mention that. I'm in the process of replaying S1 and in Episode 2, there's an option when you're backing the St. John's mother up the stairs to say "Put the gun down, bitch!" If you say it she shoots you immediately.

    • For the sake of having to choose. I mean why not let the option be there?

  • I think they should have made it a lot clearer that she thinks she would have most likely died/gotten an infection if she had stayed in the shed. Just a small line like "I need to stop the bleeding." or "I can't let it get infected." would have helped. All she said before breaking out was "You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine," so my initial reaction was just to wait it out. Normal infections don't usually set in that quickly and I wasn't sure that sneaking around a house with people with guns who were already inclined to shoot me was much better than taking my chances in the shed.

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    CannibalCarl BANNED

    As a child I once licked a dogs tongue and got sick as the result. And that was without an open wound where other kinds of virus could infect me.

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    I also wanted to stay in the shed, as everyone said. I wanted to role-play a nice Clem that doesn't escape and that follows a group order.
    It's a fault in Telltale design to not leaving you that valid option. I had no desire to escape given that everyone says you have to stay there just one night for the better of the group; and the game actually kind of allowed me to stay, but it's just waiting forever that I do a bad action - escape.
    I feel forced through the screenplay, it's not good game writing.

    This feeling of being forced by the writers happened also during the initial scene where you can't pick up the gun (but that could be easily justified by the fact that Clem is too young to be prudent), and it happened when you can't never be busted in the house too.

    Oh, and it happen also on those timed dialogues without the "silence" option: if you let the timer go, the game chooses a random phrase! Why did they put the timer also on those dilaogues and let the game go randomly??? Where's my option to stay silent??

    The strange thing is that these design errors were wisely avoided in the previous season.

    (I suggest to @MarkDarin and the others this read: http://www.theastronauts.com/2013/10/break-immersion-opening-beyond-two-souls/ )

    • QFT. Telltale, if you want to make movies, by all means go to Hollywood. But please, let video games be video games. The difference between "fixed" and "malleable" narratives is critical in the world of interactive entertainment.

    • Yes, Telltale should have let us taking the wrong choice and let us watch a game over for it. ;)

      Clem wouldn't make a night waiting, they would have killed her.

    • I dont know if Id want to just sit there in the shed all night, and do what, just hold her arm and cry? They had to keep the action moving and that is good game writing. I dont think what she did was bad. It was survival pure and simple. She didnt hurt anyone, she was just trying to help herself. I really dont see how anyone would just sit there all night if they could at least try and get some help.

  • Honestly, I just wish there was a bigger excuse to break out of the shed. Maybe have it already start falling apart and attracting walkers, therefore forcing her to go to the house not only for stitches but for her own safety?

    • It would be relatively easy to say "I can't stay like this, I need to get out of this shed or I'll die" and then make her like fainting from the pain.

      Or - like an easter egg - if you stay in the shed for 15 minutes doing nothing, she fall asleep and the walker wake her up, you got the combat scene, everyone enters the room and then the doctor heal you. Yeah, a large section of the game would have been missing, but you let freedom to the player.

    • I don't know, being locked in a shed by strangers against your will is enough to gtfo for me. And the fact that Clem nearly passed out twice after receiving the bite kind of seals the deal for me.

      • Yeah, I can't imagine anybody not thinking patching the wound up was urgent. Wanting to stay in the shed is no different to wanting to stay in the meat locker, surely?

  • There's only so much that can go on inside a shed - I get CaveRave and Bloody Eugene's idea of letting the player stay there and it just skipping the whole part inside the house, but I also think that would result in lots of angry players disappointed that they "lost" a massive portion of the game were they to choose that option.
    The other choice TTG could have made would be to create an entirely separate story happening inside the shed - maybe Sarah could have crept in to try to befriend her, and give her medicine. But I think it's unfair to expect something so big for a 20$ game (not to mention it would mean even more delays), and regardless I think you would get a lot of complaints from players angry they "missed out" on something.
    I think TTG handled it the best way possible - I too wanted to stay in the shed but in hindsight it wasn't the right decision.

    • To add to that, I think (and only my thoughts) that TTG made it so that you had to leave the shed was so because it wont effect the story-line too much. It was purposely added to make it so that although the other survivors trust that Clem's not infected, there is still doubts among the group on how trust worthy of a companion she could be. There couldn't be that tension if she stayed in there like a good little girl (although that's what some people wanted), and for what Clem found out about Rebecca, these things must have a play on how the game progresses.

      Telltale games would never make two different optional scenes, unless what happened has some kind of significance in the future episodes. For example, with The Wolf Among Us, we had a choice between two different scenes to explore, but in the end the overall story itself wasn't affected, but how the characters react to you will change. For Telltale to make it not optional, it means that this scene is crucial to keep the story strong.

      • Telltale games would never make two different optional scenes, unless what happened has some kind of significance in the future episodes.

        Not entirely true. In the episode 1 of season 1 the first real choice is to leave Clem's house by day or night. Not too useful, but it exist.

        There couldn't be that tension if she stayed in there like a good little girl (although that's what some people wanted), and for what Clem found out about Rebecca, these things must have a play on how the game progresses.

        Right, there couldn't be that tension if she stayed in there like a good little girl. That's why I want to do it. I don't want to be a negative character, like TT forced me, not respecting the group choices.

        For what Clem found about Rebecca? If you fail to hide in the bathroom, se doesn't bust you, she goes away and you'll neve know about her baby, as far as I can remember. The only issue I can think about if the whole stealth section were removed is that you don't know Sarah, so you can't make promise. That could be handled setting as default that no promise was done.
        Oh, and the watch stealing, which for now doesn't have effects, and could have been put elsewhere.

    • Arguably, choosing Doug, killing Ben or cutting off your arm could also be removing a large part of the game.
      It's minor and, in the replay, would seem far far more interesting to players. Maybe they could introduce the option when ep2 is implemented?

  • They could have added the option to stay at the barn.

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