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Where is this season going?

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I loved S1. It was perfect in really every aspect I cared about. The begining of S2 was very good besides a few minor flaws (time and optional dialogue). The hits at future episodes, though, have me worried about how they are going to play this game out. It seems to me they are going in a direction I don't think I will enjoy near as much. It seems to me they are making the game more action packed, more fighting and warring and group warfare: with less importance on individual people. What do you guys hope to see, or fear you will see?

  • What do I fear to see?

    Clem dying :(

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  • no the action will simmer down. episode 1 a new day was pretty action packed.

    • True, just doesn't seem as story based as S1E1. Don't know if that's just me or what.

      • There was less opportunity for just chatting to people...but that's because you were a young girl, and an outsider who no-one trusted. Lee showed himself to be capable, and had the benefit of joining groups at the start of the apocalypse rather than halfway through.

        The idea that it is less story based is an illusion; s1e1 had a massive zombie fight at the end, had about 5 zombies in the motel scene, zombies overran hershel's farm, we had to distract hordes of them....

        S2e1 had 1 or 2 zombies that we fought properly, and only 2 scenes with a large number of them.

        So it seems that Series 1 episode 1 actually contained more action.

        • "rather than halfway through." Good news the ZA only lasts 4 years :D. Lol sorry had to say that. It may be an illusion but I'm not the only one who sees it. Even though S1E1 had more action it wasn't the main point of the episode like it seemed to be in this one, just my perspective.

    • @Carley

      no the action will simmer down. episode 1 a new day was pretty action packed.

      I just feel that season 2 ep 1 does not compare to season 1 ep 1..... Sad but true season 2 is okay but TTG is straying from its roots. It has given up the bread and butter puzzle solving story game for a shooter type game.

      • a shooter type game? i do not recall ever shooting... at all.. so im confused. i think there comparable and i liked all that remains more than a new day anyways. i really think its pretty much the same thing but more adventure like in all that remains. youre alone. lost. confused and scared.

  • I fear i won't get as attached to the new characters like i did with the previous ones.

    • actually i wouldn't want that. Most of them are probably gonna die and i wouldn't wanna get emotional when they do. All i need is for Clementine to be okay. Its too late not to be attached to her already :P

  • I think it's going in a good direction.. But after the second episode is released (or i don't know, the full season?) i will say what i think of the game. So far it's a 9/10. Which is very good.

  • Episode 1 was action packed due to the circumstances. You're not going to have bonding time with a bunch of people who were ready and willing to leave you for dead 2 hours earlier.

    I'm sure starting with Episode 2 there will be a lot more time spent on building characters. Personally I found Episode 1 to be a perfect introduction to the new, much more capable Clementine.

    • In the cabin after Clem is done eating would have been a perfect time for optional conversations with all the characters. Luke, Nick, and Pete all would have had something interesting to say, Allen would have had a spineless remark, and Rebecca... well we didn't need to talk to her :P All in all they missed a perfect opportunity, not to mention it would have added a bunch of time to the short episode.

      • E1 was clearly an intro episode to the new Clem. It didn't focus on any other character much other then Clem. I'm sure episode 2 will be more like what you just said.

        • A character isn't only based on how that character acts, but also how people around that character preceive those actions. If they wanted to focus on Clem and how she was changing/had changed then the should have had confirmation by other characters.

      • It would have been an opportunity, but an entirely unfitting one. Let her gain their trust first.

        • How would it have been unfitting? Because they didn't trust her? Larry didn't trust Lee, and those conversations were intense!

          • 2 hours earlier, they had locked her up in a shed without medical treatment. Then she snuck out of the shed, stole from them undetected, stitched and bandaged her own wound and dealt with a surprise walker attack alone despite being in pain. These people are scared of her. They don't expect a child to act the way she does and do the things she's done and they still have no idea who she is or where she's from.

            The reason Clementine goes fishing with Nick and Pete the next morning is because the other people don't feel good about having her around the house. You hear this from the meeting in the kitchen. They don't even give her a weapon. The conversation at the table is more than enough considering the circumstances.

            • Pete, Nick, and Luke aren't scared of her. Carlos is, only because of his daughter. Allen and Rebecca may be, but still having a conversation where they shrug you off would be better than a 10 second forced conversation. Considering this game is based on what you say, being able to say something is always fitting.

  • I feel like it's gonna go with the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom approach, is in, it will explore darker matters that it couldn't do with the first installment. And, just like Temple of Doom, it will be met with harsh criticism, as well as critical acclaim. I predict it'll be the kind of thing you'll want to remember, or forget, forever. I for one loved Temple of Doom.

  • We must consider the universe they are in. It's a zombie apocalypse so it's not a stretch to assume bad/dark stuff will happen. Especially since it's nearly ~2 years since the outbreak, more survivors are converting to the "dog eat dog" mentality. I just hope Telltale can attempt to balance the dark with the light and give us some humour we saw in the first season. Then again, only one episode has been released so we still have a long way to go and I am very interested to see where the story goes.

  • I hope we get to know more about our characters. There's too little background information.

  • Where is this season going?

    Clementine will steal an alien UFO, the corpse of a Reaperette, from Area 51 after she discovers that she was chosen by Baldurianna, The Goddess of Destiny, to save humankind from the demonic zombie curse. Her forthcoming was long foretold and only as the leader of humanity can she save humankind from the demon spawn.
    After using her grand knowledge in alien technology Clementine is able to awaken and reprogram the Reaperette to use it for the forces of good.
    Clementine, elected as Grand Admiral General Supreme Commander and Queen Leader of Humankind, she will save the remainder of humanity by flying with them in the repurposed Reaperette to the the earth-like planet Zebes in the Horsehead Nebula. With the help of the native and furry elve-like creatures called the Ewookieawks, Clementine starts her training in the master force. She learns quickly and uses an ancient ritual to raise Lee from the dead by casting his soul into an Ewookieawk named Lee-Chewbacca. She also raises Max and projects his soul into a robodog named K-Max. There they will start their plan to destroy the demon spawn and their leader Voltar and save planet earth from their grasp.

    Tune in next season for more exciting adventures!

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