TWD Season 2 loading white screen

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I bought the game on steam, installed it, try to start it, white screen window with sound pops up. The white window only fills about 3/4 of the screen. no clue why its happening, other season works fine. thanks


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    Also experiencing this problem, I am linking my TWD Support Tool results.
    I have double checked that I am not running anything in Compatibility Mode as I know that can sometimes cause complications.

    EDIT: I was able to enter windowed mode with Alt+Enter so I assumed it was just a resolution error but when I set my resolution up I still could not use fullscreen mode. This is rather inconvenient since I would like to play such an immersive game in fullscreen/in darkness/with headphones on.

    I will deal with this for now but does anyone have any clue what's going on or how to fix this?

  • fixed it, game defaulted to a resolution my computer did not like. I hit ALT-Enter the window became even smaller but I could read the menu. Changed resolution and put it back to full screen. looks like it will work now. look forward to the second season, I enjoyed the first. thanks for the help theesammalamma.

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