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Eventual Platinum for Season 2 on PS3?

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I very much enjoy what Telltale has done with The Walking Dead; however, I am also a trophy hunter and am quite curious if there will be a platinum at the end of part 5 for season 2. I understand the need of not wanting to add all the trophies early because you can still find out hidden trophies. But I noticed that part 1 had a ton of silvers and 1 gold and bronze... And I bet they can patch a plat at the end, because platinum's only unlock upon all the other trophies unlocked... regardless...

I would be extremely disappointed as an early adopter to their newest season and not get a platinum because they save it for an eventual retail release (which I won't purchase as I already bought the game (I never bought the retail for the first season either))

Would much appreciate an answer from someone with knowledge of this or Telltale themselves.

  • Agreed, I want that platinum. The silvers are nice but I'll take a platinum any day...

    • Bump 4.0 (To Raise Awareness)

      I know if a Platinum is not released for the early adopters, and only for those who wait for the retail version. I will no longer support Telltales early sales for their games...

  • As a trophy hunter myself i would really like to see a Platinum in it to. And in all honesty i actually liked how all the trophies in season 1 where story related, not many games are theese days, so it was a nice change, but at the moment there are are alot of other different games i want to play, so if theres no Platinum in season 2 i might not buy it at all, don't get me wrong, i loved season one, but seeing how i got alot of different things going on in my life at the moment that Platinum would kinda be a deal breaker. Cus that's the way i like to play games, i like getting achivements and rewards etc. And working towards a Platinum is often fun (If the game is fun that is) And knowing theres a platinum waiting for you at the end just gets you more excited and more motivated to play. If there isnt any, well, then you might aswell just play for the story, but ONLY story (Even though i love it) is not for me, im like a junkie, i need to be rewarded :)

    I might also add that THIS is the main reason why haven't purchased a season pass for season 2 yet.

  • I think there was a Platinum in Season 1, so I'd think there's going to be one for Season 2.

  • Was there a platinum for the digital/PSN version of S1?

    • Yes but all the trophes were released when the first episode came out. While in season 2 only the first episode's trophies are visible with no sign of a plat yet.

  • Guys, this has gotten me abit worried, looking how they haven't realesed all trophies yet. Why?

    They did the same thing with "Back to the future the game" Where everybody who have gotten the digital verision where left out, and only those who bought the retail disc version got Platinum trophies available. If this is the case, then i'll NEVER, i repeat NEVER will buy an early realese from telltale again.

    • Working on a platinum for The Last Of Us right now that'll take me only about 2 more weeks which would be my 2nd platinum trophy, I plan on getting all trophies for The Wolf Among Us to make it to 3, really hoping season 2 will have a platinum so i can make it to 4.

      Once episode 5 comes out if i don't see a platinum trophy I just won't play and wait for the retail version, I don't care if i have to restart.

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