Vernon in season 2

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I'm wondering if we will see Vernon in season 2. We never see him again after he leaves in ep 4 so he really could be anywhere in season 2.

I know we met the others in his group in 400 days but we are never actually told he died and more that they were split up or that they lost him somewhere.

Even with this information it seems odd not just to bring the whole cancer group back if they were never going to touch them again.


  • Vermon is dead Lol. If you play 400 days Boyd talks about how Vermon died while trying to save everyone on the boat. There's low chance we'll see him again

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    I highly doubt we'll see him again in S2. I mean yea they don't state that if he's really dead or not in 400 Days but I don't like his chances in the apocalypse by himself. Plus I think most fans would rather like it if he stayed dead/missing since he stabbed Lee and co. in the back.

  • Fuck Vernon, he better stay dead

  • Was he ever explicitly stated to be dead? I heard one of them complaining that Vernon and the boat were the reason their group fell apart, but didn't hear them say he was dead (though his absence hints at that, he could have abandoned them)

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    He better .If he comes back I'll make Clem stab him multiple times in that fucking head of his

  • My personal theory on the matter is that after Vernon and his fellow cancer patients stole the boat. At some point later, Vernon had secretly stolen the boat and left with it alone(reason probably being the space issue in the boat, and Vernon not wanting to take chances).

    So yeah, that could possibly be how the group "lost" Vernon with the boat.

  • I think Bries death shook up Vernon (maybe she was the only one in their group he actually cared about) and just basically said eff you to the rest of his group. sort of like lily with the rv.... sort of.

  • Yes, Boyd just mentions their group "just fell apart" when Vernon was just bent on stealing the boat. No one mentions that he died, but we're all hoping that he actually dies...for real

  • They never said he died of anything, just that the group fell apart and we can see Vernon is not there anymore. His status is "unknown".

  • Even though he said Brie's death did not move him or make him sad as much as he probably wanted. Or do you say he lied?

  • I don't care who you are if somebody close to you dies or is brutally murdered in bries case, something in your mind is gonna snap.


  • Boyd claims that the both boat AND Vernon were the reason the group fell apart and states that he was always aiming to take it from Lee and company.

  • Does not have to happen, like Vernon said they had had it like that for a long time and he just "lost" that feeling and that's a possible thing that can happen.

  • If there's ANY character from S1 who deserves a zombie cameo in S2, it's Vernon. The man truly deserves a fate worse than death.

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