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Walking Dead S1 Episode 4 spoilers- Vernon Bug

posted by TT247 on - last edited - Viewed by 827 users

I chose the option of threatening Vernon in episode 4 in order to get him to drop his gun when we first meet. But on the stats list at the end of the episode, it says I "calmly reasoned with him". I don't understand why this decision is reading incorrectly; Vernon reacts correctly according to my choice in his final scene but on the stats list it still has the wrong choice listed.

Anyone else having this problem?

Also, when trying to convince him to take Lee back to the mansion, I tell him I need to find Clementine. Is this what makes the choice register incorrectly? Maybe you have to threaten him both times in order to get the correct stats?
I'm just concerned it will be registering confusing data for S2 imports. It probably doesn't matter, but still, it'd be nice to know whether or not my choices are being read correctly!

  • Probably just a glitch in the Stats, but i think the game itself knows what you did :P.

    • Yeah seems like it. Hopefully it doesn't matter too much! I had to replay the season to fix it for a S2 import and the same bug happened again, so now I am just curious if anyone else had this same problem...

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