• Well it's not like Lee's and Christa's teachings are mutually exclusive. They both seemed to be on the same page for the most part.

  • Lee. After Omid's death (which Christa probably blamed on Clem, even if she didn't say that to her), she probably would have been much harder with Clem. Having said that, some of her bitterness would have rubbed off on Clementine at this point. Its clear she isn't the same kid we saw in season 1

  • Influence doesn't necessarily mean Clem learning good things from her. Like others say her bitterness could be impressionable too

  • Christa made Clem realize the more harsher things in the zombie apocalypse, although Lee taught her to shoot, i would assume she was much more shielded to this with Lee, mainly because Christa was so blunt with Clem before she may/may not of died.

  • Realistically should probably be Christa but for the game I'd say Lee

    • actually I'm pretty sure that in general, the first major influence you have on you is usually the one that impacts you the most.

      In terms of the zombie apocalypse and Clementine, her first influence, and her first major one, is Lee.

      If Lee is her father that raised her but then died, Omid and Christa are her adopted parents. They both have a major influence, but Lee would probably be the one that had the most impact.

      • By that logic how about her real parents.They deserve credits for making her the best

        • I was talking from the perspective of the zombie apocalypse being the start of her "new life," where Lee would definitely be her father and then adopted by Omid and Christa after Lee died.

          • Well that made sense.But I think the bigger influence is on Lee .She is still sad about his death and she remember him by all the lessons he taught her.But in the end when you ask about Christa's whereabouts she seems too worried about it,it means the both might have influence on her.

            Lee taught her to shoot :Killing the stranger saving Lee's life

            Christa taught her how to stitch : Saving her own life

            • Well, yes, both would obviously be very huge influences on her, but I think Lee's influence has more impact, thus that means that he's the larger influence.

              And influence is morality and philosophies as well, not just the skills that are taught. You can learn how to do something from someone who you think is a giant ass and has an awful moral code, which means that they wouldn't have had the largest influence on you life besides teaching you a certain skill.

              • Morality and philosophies are useless if you're dead. In this world, Mr. Nice Guy doesn't get you anywhere. You either die good or live heartless if you had to choose one.
                Thankfully, this is not the case: Clementine was able to keep both her morality and survival instincts. Thank God she had both Lee and Christa in her past.

  • Lee taught her the extremely important stuff like firing a gun, using a weapon (and coping with people dying), Christa probably picked up where Lee left off. To be honest it shouldn't matter who taught her so long as she learned it.

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